Wicked Nurgle Garden: AoS Army Collection

the wicked garden walThis is by far the most converted and colorful Nurgle army we’ve seen for Age of Sigmar. Check out this incredible hobby endeavor from 2020’s LVO.

The 2020 LVO brought players from all across the world to roll some dice under one roof. With Age of Sigmar more popular than ever, we’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous armies on the tabletops. Here is a closer look at what Nurgle rolled out onto the battlefield.

lvo las vegas open 2020Las Vegas Open 2020

Nurgle’s Wicked Garden: LVO AoS Army Showcase

This army comes to us from Matthew Barker

the wicked garden 1Before we jump into the details of the army, take a nice long look at this display! It’s got levels upon levels of rocky outcrops covered by overgrowth.

the wicked garden 2Next, there’s a converted Epidimius riding part of a corpse cart with some vegetation sprouting out of the bodies being transported. That’s absolutely gorgeous.

the wicked garden 3The Glottkin also made this list as the centerpiece. The three brothers are posed with their own “gifts” of the Grandfather.

the wicked garden 4Get a look at all the leaking pustules and sores as well as the careful placement of overgrowth on the Glottkin. That’s hours of hobby work right there.

the wicked garden 5Moving onto another converted model, we’ve got a Blightking on a Varanguard horse counting as a Harbinger of Decay.

the wicked garden 6You can never go wrong with a GUO and some Nurgling pals.

the wicked garden 7

It wouldn’t be a “wicked garden” without some Feculent Gnarlmaws. Of all the Nurgle models, this is probably the single most neglected one to paint. But each one of these is loaded with detail!

the wicked garden 8Finally, there’s ol’ Horticulus Slimux that got off his snail steed to rest his legs on a mushroom. Sweet conversion!

This army is just loaded with the hobbyist’s own personal touch. The rotting-themed Nurgle models combined with the blooming vegetation on the bases paints a picture of the beauty in life and death. Great work.

What’s your favorite model out of this list? Do you use a Glottkin as your centerpiece? 

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