3 Homebrew 40k Army Lists From Warzone: Giga-Bites IV

eldar dow 3 hor wal wraithknightNow that tournaments have started back, so have the homebrew 40k army lists! Check out some great lists filled with units that you might not expect to see!

The Warzone Giga-Bites IV tournament was held over the weekend bringing twenty-four players in a single place to roll dice. We’ve already covered the top three lists but now it’s time to take a look at some forces that had more unique units that didn’t do too bad!

3 Homebrew Lists From Warzone: Giga-Bites IV Tourney

warzone atlantaThanks to Best Coast Pairings we are able to look back at the event as if we were there ourselves.

Brad Weir- Aeldar Soup

harlequin eldar hor wal


gigabites homebrew 4

So this list was a little bit of Eldar soup. Two Shadowseers (one of the coolest Psyker models in the game) Starweavers were packed to the gills with Fusion Troupes inside each one and was sent straight for the armor. Hanging back, there were two Death Jesters to utterly wreck morale on cheap screens as well.

gigabites homebrew 5Moving into the Craftworld side of things, they took a customizable Craftworld picking +1 attack for units on objectives and gaining cover if they were outside of 12″ from an enemy unit. As for units, a little psychic coverage was given with a Warlock and a Farseer. However, the main muscle of this detachment came in the form of three squads of Shining Spears.

Historically, we’ve seen one or two massive blobs of Shining Spears. However, in this case, it looks like they were used mainly for grabbing objectives and keeping a fluid pace on the board. Finally, two squads of Warp Spiders were also brought for added ground control and extra infantry hate.

Schuyler Quinn- Tau

tau wal hor


gigabites homebrew 2So the Farsight Enclaves rolled out with a bunch of Tau goodies! Starting off, Farsight and a fragmentation projector Coldstar hit the field with a Fireblade. The Fireblade more than likely hung out with all of the Strike Teams while the Coldstar jetted across the board to sit on an objective if it became cleared up. Plus, with its weapons, it was pretty much able to stay relevant all game.

gigabites homebrew 3As for Farsight, he probably tagged along with the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit squad. Speaking of them, they were all given som infantry-melting burst cannons. It looks like a single squad of burst cannons wasn’t enough either because Schuyler took to Forge World and brought a Hazard support squad. Each one of these suits had two double-barrelled burst cannons as well. (Seriously, RIP any screens). To top things off, the rest of the points were thrown into a Ta’unar Supremacy armor unit. This T8, 30-wound Monstrosity hits on 2’s and is armed to the teeth in firepower. The burst cannons in the rest of the list were meant to clear bodies while this guy was the hammer that was supposed to crack open tanks.

That being said, we also just saw the Ta’unar get FAQ’d going up roughly 300pts. So for all you Tau players out there, you can’t make an exact copy of this list.

William Lewis: Adeptus Custodes

custode art 3


gigabites homebrew 1Finally, we’ve got a Custodes list. We’ve been seeing Custodes quite often now that their army got so much better in 9th Edition but we haven’t seen a list quite like this. While we normally see Bikes left and right as well as a big squad of Venatari, William just went for all-out tankiness putting almost half the list in Terminator armor.

Trajann and an Allarus Terminator Captian lead some Custodians with storm shields to make them nearly impossible to uproot from the board. Next, almost half of the list’s points went into two big squads of Allarus Terminator Custodes. These guys could pop a single Primaris for each successful wound in Shooting but were also swinging with a whopping S8 and hitting on a 2+.

To make things even harder for the opponent, the -1 to hit vexilla bubble was also taken (which is pretty much an auto-include no matter which way you slice it). For a nice little shooting platform, we had a Telemon given two illiastus culverins. These two-damage gatling cannons are great for making short work of Primaris getting too bold on objectives. Awesome list!

There you have it! Three more great lists under our belt from Warzone’s Giga-Bites IV tourney. While none of these lists finished at the top, they brought some unsuspecting units and didn’t do too bad at all!

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What’s your favorite list of the ones we covered from above? Did that Taunar NERF need to happen?

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