Blackstone Fortress Final Release: Pre-Order Lineup

By Andrew Schrank | August 30th, 2020 | Categories: News / Rumors

warhammer-pre-ordersThe new (and currently last planned) release for Blackstone Fortress is here, so don’t miss the latest round of pre-orders from Games Workshop!

The final expansion for Blackstone Fortress is landing on shelves next week. Check out the new models with sprues and everything that will be on pre-order for delivery on September 5th!

Blackstone Fortress Ascension $110

Get Yours For Less From Dicehead Games

BSF edge


BSF Gaurdian drone


big bsf drone sprueThis set includes:

– 2 Guardian Drones
– 16-page Edge of the Abyss booklet
– 15 Exploration Cards
– 5 Encounter Cards
– 36 Fragment Cards
– 2 Resource Cards
– 2 Stronghold Artefact Cards
– 2 Hostile Reference Cards
– 11 Board Tiles
– 55 Counters and Markers
– Assembly Guide
– Repository envelope (containing your prize for completing the quest)
– Bonus secret material

Will you be grabbing the expansion? Are you excited about the other new releases from the previous weeks?

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