GW Adds New 40k Products to Selling Fast Section

GW-selling-fast-tabGames Workshop has updated its online webstore once again, so check out the new listings that are in the GW selling fast section now!

The Warhammer 40k webstore has been updated with a tab of products called selling fast, which could be an indicator of trending metas or dying products.  It just popped up recently with the release of 9th Edition and is packed with the units that people are buying over their other kits. Here’s the latest.

New 40k Products Added to GW Selling Fast Section

gw selling fast 1So here’s everything that’s been trending in sales on GW’s webstore. It looks like there’s a fine mix of Xenos, Chaos, and Imperial goodies with only a few things left in stock. At the time of writing this, there are seven of fifteen items that are still going.

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gw selling fast 2As for the things that have been bought up, Lords of Skulls may be a popular anti-Knight option in 9th while Eldar Rangers could be the best recon unit for Craftworlds. It’s no surprise to see Intercessors out of stock either.

gw selling fast 3Bottom line, if you see one of the kits you were thinking about picking up, you may want to put an order in soon! A majority of these items seem to be on everyone’s radar. If nothing else, we can see where the meta may be shifting as we’re beginning to see people put more 9th Edition games under their belt.

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What do you think about these kits that are selling fast? Are you surprised to see any listings so popular?

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