GW Last Chance to Buy 40k Section is Blown Out!

last chance to buy GWGames Workshop’s Last Chance to Buy 40k section is pretty slim pickings right now. However, those ETB Reiver kits are still a great option. Take a look.

Games workshop’s Last Chance to Buy section was updated not too long ago but given a couple of days, most of the items were the 2017 ETB Primaris/ Death Guard kits, and are already sold out. At the time of writing this, all that’s is left is a three-man ETB (easy to build) Reiver squad.

GW Last Chance to Buy 40k Section is Blown Out!

etb reivers


etb reivers 2Now, Reivers can only be played in a minimum squad of five so a kit of three is a little awkward. But there’s a cool trick that you can do with these guys. If you have an Eliminator kit, you can take the spare arms and head options, put them on the Reiver bodies, and boom. You’ve got another Eliminator unit with the other weapon type.

Eliminator Multipart Kit:

eliminator squad 2


eliminator sprue



eliminator sprue 2When you’re putting the kit together, you’ll notice on the Eliminator sprue that there are two shoulder options (you’d obviously just use whatever bits you had leftover), whichever weapons you didn’t give to your actual Eliminators, and the other head options. The main purpose of the Reiver kit is to get the same pattern power armor for less $$$.

The only thing you won’t have on the Reiver/Eliminator conversion is the same posing as the base Eliminator kit or the camo cloak. However, depending on how crafty you are, camo cloaks can be a really easy fix. If by now you’ve already got your conversions made, take some time to check out how Rob made some realistic camo cloaks.

You can use the same trick for your new Eliminators!

Will you be making some converted Eliminators for less? What’s your favorite wargear to use with the unit? 

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