New FAQs: Lumineth Realm-Lords & Generals Handbook

A new FAQ is here for Age of Sigmar players as both the Lumineth Realm-Lords and the 2020 Generals Handbook have gotten updates already!

Warhammer Community released the FAQs for the two latest books to make their way into Age of Sigmar. From the Lumineth Realm-lords to the General’s Handbook 2020, here’s what’s changed.

Note: We’ll be going over the highlights but be sure to check out the full details on your faction for yourself.

New FAQs: Lumineth Realm-Lords & Generals Handbook

lumineth spirit of the mountain 3


lumineth faqThere aren’t too many changes to the Lumineth. Being that this is the first tweak they’ve ever had, nothing is in magenta yet. Of those changes that were made, three units of the faction can cast spells out of the lores of Hysh, Syar and Iliatha faction bonuses were reworded, and Teclis’ single-cast ability goes off on a 12 and can’t be unbound, period.

lumineth commentary

Some designer commentary was also made on the faction. Some of the major questions revolved around rules interactions with the new faction. For example, Crippling Vertigo and Darkness of the Soul effects both stack on the unit. Plus, if a Vanari Shining company unit loses models and moves away (out of base contact) if they try to reform they can not become a Shining Company once again. That’s pretty big.

lumineth commentary 2As for some notes on Teclis, he pretty much ignores abilities that would require him to reroll a casting roll. He also ignores any abilities that would help him cast another spell.

General’s Handbook 2020 Changes

generals handbook 2020


ghb 2020For the General’s Handbook, the main changes that were made are points. If you play Legions of Nagash or have a Dread Saurian in your list, you may want to check and see just how much your army’s points were adjusted.  Another note to make is that Seraphon have Stormcast and Sylvaneth available to them as allies now.

ghb 2020 commentary 1It looks like Mercenary Companies from GHB 2019 and Wascrolls from White Dwarf are “allowed” in Pitched Battles, but only if your opponent allows it. Kind of odd, but okay.

ghb 2020 commentary 2Another question that was asked is if the faction terrain in your list counted toward holding an objective. The answer is no. Now go put units on that point and don’t complain.

As we said before be sure to read over all the changes and questions that were asked if you’ve got some spare time before your next game. Especially if you had a faction that just got its points tweaked.

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What do you think about the Age of Sigmar meta? Did GHB 2020 help shake things up for you?

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