New Hats & Heads From Victoria Miniatures!

custodian headsGet ready for an adventure with these new slouch hats, or outfit your army with a myriad of heads from Victoria Miniatures.

The hobby maniacs at Victoria Miniatures have some of the coolest bits on the market! They have a giant variety of heads and accessories to change the look of your army without hours of conversion. Swapping out heads, or adding hats, is one of the easiest and most effective conversions. No crazy repositioning or cutting.

This is just a small smattering of what they have to offer. They have hundreds of cool heads and such to choose from. If you’ve been looking to set your army apart, check these out!

Heads From Victoria Miniatures- Custodian Heads: $7.99

Custodian HeadsThese are a great way to give your IG models a quick change-up. They also fit a ton of game systems and are a fun conversion for any army. If you love Victoria Miniatures, go see what else they have to offer!

Pith Helmet Heads: $7.99


Pith-heads-resinAh, the stoicism these models display almost makes us want to straighten up and head to new frontiers. These are perfect for any calvary or adventurer models!

Guthrie Female Heads: $4.99


guthrie-headsDon’t forget about the ladies! Change up the look of your women warriors in seconds with these awesome heads!

Chem Mask Heads: $7.99

chem-mask-headsGet your troopers ready for the apocalypse! Nothing says grimdark or post-apocalyptic quite like a group of crazies with rebreathers and steampunk goggles.

Slouch Hats: $7.99


Slouch HatsTurn any model into an adventurer or cavalrymen with these great slouch hats! Just another easy way to change up the look of your army or group with a single simple change.

That does it for the bits this time around! This is just a tiny sample of what they have to offer though! Go check them out and see what other goodies you can use to convert your Warband or army!

Bits From Victoria Miniatures

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