Quick & Easy Terrain From TinkerTurf

TinkerTurf IndustrialIf you have been searching for some great looking and easy terrain to add to your collection- TinkerTurf has you covered!

TinkerTurf makes prepainted terrain out of dense 2mm black game board that is easy to assemble. Their products give you pieces you can use in minutes.

We know how annoying it can be to spend hours building and painting stuff for the table when you already have all those minis to paint… These can be used in a ton of different games systems and work well with the new 9th edition rules. Let’s dive into some of their stuff!

Easy Terrain Containers: $30.00

TinkerTurf ContainerWhat battlefield is complete without some old containers? None really! These are a great way to add flavor across the tabletop in seconds. If you love terrain, go see more of it!

Industrial Starter: $64.00

TinkerTurf IndustrialKick-off your table the right way with their starter pack! You get all kinds of pieces to make your table pop. Here’s everything it includes:

1x Large Platform • 2x Medium Platforms • 2x Small Platforms • 8x Tall Legs • 16x Short Legs • 4x Leg Extenders • 12x Double Feet • 8x Single Feet • 2x Tall Stairs • 3x Short Stairs • 1x Container • 2x Tank Jacks • 5x Small Crates • 1x Long Tall Barricade • 1x Medium Tall Barricade • 1x Narrow Tall Barricade • 1x Long Short Barricade • 1x Medium Short Barricade • 1x Narrow Short Barricade • 1x Tall Ladder • 1x Medium Ladder • 1x Short Ladder • 1x Long Catwalk • 1x Short Catwalk • 3x Ladder Stands

Ladders and Catwalks: $25.00

TinkerTurf LaddersLet your favorite models strut on the catwalk. This is a great way to link together your buildings and add an extra layer to your gameplay. Here’s what the set includes:

3x Tall Ladders • 3x Medium Ladders • 3x Short Ladders • 3x Long Catwalks • 3x Short Catwalks • 9x Ladder Stands • 6x Small Crates

Maglev Car and Rails: $40.00

TinkerTurf RailsPerfect for city battles and industrial tabletops! Here’s everything the set includes:

4x Straight Rails • 1x Curved Rail • 1x Cargo Car

Maglev Depot: $56.00

TinkerTurf DepotAdd some height to the battlefield! Just make sure deploy here to give your snipers the vantage point they need to assassinate enemy characters. Here’s everything the set includes:

1x Centerpiece Structure • 1x Container Crane • 4x Side Ladders • 2x Side Platforms • 8x Ladder Stands

That does it for the terrain for today! Don’t miss out on this super-easy way to get your tabletop looking awesome.

TinkerTurf Terrain

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