New Harry Potter Busts From Knight Models

Harry Potter Bust FeatureThese new Harry Potter Busts from Knight Models are insanely detailed and make for the perfect collector’s item!

If you love the Harry Potter series, Knight Models is the place to go! They have a game centered around the story but they are also adding collectors’ items to the line. These new busts are so detailed and capture the essence of the characters perfectly. If you’ve been looking for a fun piece to paint, you have to check these out.

They are releasing more busts but they already have three out that are ready to buy. Each comes unpainted so you can really let your imagination fly.

They also make great presents, whether painted or unpainted, to people in love with the series. And who knows, maybe giving this as a gift will get someone new into gaming! Let’s take a closer look.

 Peter Pettigrew 1/10 Scale Bust: $44.95

pettigrew bustPeter Pettigrew is not known for his heroism, but at least his bust looks incredible! They capture the true essence of the character so perfectly here. Painting this would be so much fun!

If you love what Knight Models is doing, go check out their other stuff!

pettigrew bust UnpaintedThe bust comes unpainted and in a really cool collector’s box. this is an online exclusive and when they run out, who knows when they’ll be available again, don’t wait.

 Severus Snape 1/10 Scale Bust: $44.95

snape bust


snape bust unpaintedSeverus Snape was one of the most conflicted and complex characters from the series. Now you get to paint up and display this awesome centerpiece with pride. If you’ve been looking for a project in lockdown, well, here you go!

Minerva McGonagall 1/10 Scale Bust: $44.95

minerva mcgonagall BustAs the head of Gryffindor House, she was stern but fair, and always came through when Hogwarts needed her. This is such a striking bust, it is perfect for the hobbyist and painter alike.

That does it for these incredible busts from Knight Models. It’s hard to find a set of busts more detailed than this for the Harry Potter world. Don’t miss out on the limited time offer!

New Harry Potter Busts From Knight Models

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