Ork Smashers: Alternatives to GW Wargame Exclusive

Ork Smashers Alternatives to GW Wargame ExclusiveWargame Exclusive has a ton of cool alternative GW minis, and today Rob takes a look at the Ork Smashers and Grots in this unbox and build!

Wargame Exclusive has been pretty popular for a while now, with lots of hobby stores offering the Grim Skull models they sell. Their kits tend to be insanely detailed and are great painting challenges if you are up to the task. Let’s check out Rob’s thoughts on these Ork Smashers.

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Ork Smashers: Alternatives to GW Wargame Exclusive

Grimskull packagingWargame Exclusive retails for Grim Skull, so you may have seen them at your Local Game Store and not even realized it before.

The larger models, like the artillery piece, come in small boxes with bubble wrap inside. While the little guys come in their own blisters. Both of the packages are protective enough to get the job done.

Artillery Pieces

wge tank laid outSpeaking of artillery, here we have the pieces laid out. As you can see these are all resin, but the amount of detail in the minis is well worth the little bit of cleaning work required when building resin.

The Grots!

grot crew 1Moving onto the assembled models, we can see the first two of four Grot Crewmen. The left grot is yelling at his fellow grot (or perhaps taunting the enemy) while the right grot is some form of a mechanic for the artillery piece.

grot crew 2The other two grots have just as much character as the first two. The left has his trusty goggles looking downrange, while the right is getting ready to light the fuse!

Even More Grots!

grot tvMoving onto a unique piece, we have a grot TV. Perhaps he is reporting the frontlines, or just streaming some grot battles.

poli squigAnother great mini is this Police Grot. His giant squig even has a siren light on his head! Not to mention the cuffs, baton, or shotgun, this grot is keeping the others in line with accordance to grot law 101.

steriod grotFor the last of the Grot models, we have the Steroid Grot. He might be in the process of pumping up his arm, but don’t worry it looks like he has enough for each appendage. Once he is done he might be the size of old Fantasy grot legend  Grom the Paunch!

Finished Artillery Piece

trak smasha

Lastly, we have the actual artillery piece. Technically there are two variants for this one, each with a different body, but ultimately they are pretty similar. This is grot sized, so its a little small. However, it will fit perfectly on any 60mm bases you may have laying around.

Check out the video for Rob’s full breakdown and thoughts on all the models!

Grot Alternatives Unboxing!

What do you think of these grots? Do you have any project ideas they might fit into?

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