2 New Black Powder Sets Hit Pre-Order For Waterloo!

By Travis Pasch | January 31st, 2022 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors

black powder sets feature rIf you want to conquer the old world, these 2 new Black Powder Sets are the perfect addition to your forces- check it out!

The sets are focused on the French and the British Highlanders. So you know they are going to be good! They are on pre-order now but will be hitting shelves soon, so might as well hop on the pre-order and secure your new models!

Like with all the sets, the price on these is pretty affordable and are just super cool. Let’s check out the new minis.

Black Powder Epic Battles: French Middle & Old Guard: $40

black powder setsThese sets are just super awesome and if you love historical games, then they will be perfect for your collection.


black powder sets 2Let’s hear what they have to say about the set:

This plastic set contains enough troops to field three Guard battalions (80 soldiers in each) with accompanying mounted officers. Old Guard are recognizable by the brass plate on front of their bearskin hats and the rear patch atop them. The Middle Guard bearskins didn’t carry the brass plate or rear patch so these can be painted over as if fur. We have added a few extra heads; those who wish to further differentiate their units can replace some of them with the shako or the bonnet to convey the poorer supplied Middle Guard although it isn’t mandatory!

Also included are units of Marines of the Guard (30 soldiers) and Engineers of the Guard (30 soldiers). These add a further dash of colour and variety to the French army. To cover the Guard in the attack Napoleon fielded ‘His lovely daughters’, large 12-pounder cannon, crewed by excellent gunners and which could reach out further than most Allied guns. A dangerous foe indeed…

British Highlanders & Riflemen: $40

black powder sets 3


black powder sets 4Here’s everything in this kit:

No British army is complete without the splendid Rifle Brigade! Three battalions of the 95th fought at Waterloo in their trademark dark green uniforms. Their efficiency with the Baker rifle was well known to the French, who really did not like to face them! The vast majority of the three units fought in line and square at Waterloo, some famously deployed in skirmish order in the sandpit next to La Haye Sainte. These figures can also be painted to portray the brave German defenders of that vital farmhouse. Finally, we have three 5.5″ howitzers in support from the Royal Artillery, lobbing shell-after-shell high over the heads of their troops and onto the French lines.

This plastic set provides enough models to field a complete brigade of three Highlander infantry regiments of 80 men each, 24 skirmishing 95th Rifles, a 3-gun Royal Artillery 5.5-inch howitzer battery and three mounted Highlander brigade commanders.

That does it for this one, now go get some new sets!

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