GW Reveals New Necromunda, Blood Bowl, & BL Releases

new forge world releases games workshop wal hor warhammer communityNew Black Library offerings along with Blood Bowl, Necromunda, and Warhammer Imperium Magazine are coming next week.

Games Workshop just let us in on all the new releases that are going up for pre-order this coming Saturday.

So let’s look at next week’s line-up, starting with the new Warhammer Imperium Magazine from Warhammer Community.

Warhammer Imperium Magazine

warhammer imperium

Over the last few years, the Warhammer 40,000 partworks series has been the ideal introduction to the Warhammer hobby. Warhammer 40,000: Imperium, the latest edition of this excellent series, will shortly be rolling out to North America and parts of Europe.

This new introductory release will finally be coming to NA and some of the EU, making it easier than ever to help convince a friend or two to take the leap into hobbying.

Warhammer Community has the lowdown on everything you can expect from Imperium, including the exclusive Space Marine Primaris Captain in the fifth issue.

Additionally, there are even some exclusive minis! If you want to read up on everything we know so far including the value inside, click here for our post covering the details.

Necromunda banner

Hive Scum

Hive Scum

Bolster your gangs with four extremely expendable Hive Scum or get revenge on the major Houses of the Hive by forming an entire Outcast Gang. These versatile underhivers can form a gang of their own or join House Gangs as Hive Scum by being hired or through gang tactics and campaign choices, so it’s always worth having some spare scum to hand. 

As some unaligned gang members, these are perfect additions to some “homebrew” gangs instead of the major houses.

Delaque Weapons and Upgrades

Delaque Weapons and Upgrades

While the Outcasts fight for survival, House Delaque pulls strings from the shadows, breaking from the darkness only to make a well-placed incision or long-rifle shot that will turn the tides of conflict to their advantage.

On the other hand, if you play House Delaque, these are perfect to give more variety to your models.

Underdog Card pack

Underdog Card pack

Outnumbered? Outgunned? 400 credits short of a fair fight? These Underdog Tactics Cards will help you pull enough shenanigans to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The pack also contains 12 universal Gang Tactics, available for all!

Slopper and Scabber

Slopper and Scabber

Outside of the Underhive’s non-stop gang warfare and criminal backstabbing, some entrepreneurial sump-dwellers actually do make a (mostly) honest living. The Slopper and Scabber can handle themselves in a skirmish, but their main draw comes from their extracurricular activities – cooking and trading, respectively. 

crusader wal hor eternalGet the Eternal Crusader Mini & Free Shipping Worldwide!

Other than some new and extremely unique models, these might just add enough to your gang to help you come out on top!

BLood Bowl banner

Blood Bowl Rat Ogres

Rat Ogres

Anyone who is anyone in Blood Bowl knows that Skaven teams sow fear with speed and cunning, rather than big muscles and raw violence. This assumption wrong-foots teams who aren’t ready to face off against Rat Ogres.

While Skaven in AoS might really need some updated models, at least the new Blood Bowl ones might be close enough for stand-ins. This one doesn’t have too much on it screaming “deadly football player”, but hey that’s what it is!

Black library banner new

black library on sale

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Tasked with laying siege to a hive city in order to secure the cordon, see how far the indomitable Korpsmen will go to secure in victory in Steve Lyon’s Krieg, available next week in hardback, eBook, and audiobook formats.

Day of Ascension

Day of Ascension

In his first ever Warhammer novel, acclaimed science fiction author Adrian Tchaikovsky turns his many hands to a tale from a unique perspective, as the Forge World of Morod prepares for the alien “angels” who will bring mercy to the masses.

Limited Edition The Triumph of Saint Katherine

limited edition The Triumph of Saint Katherine

This sumptuous limited-edition hardback is limited to 2,000 units, replete with an intricate red faux-leather cover overlaid with a gold, black, and white foil design. If that weren’t enough, it also contains a full-art tip-in, gold-gilt page edges, a black ribbon bookmark, and an author introduction and signature.

The Book of Martyrs 

The Book of Martyrs

Encompassing three narratives, each focusing on a different Sister in the Era Indomitus, The Book of Martyrs contains stories from Alec Worley, Phil Kelly, and Danie Ware. Sister Ishani deals with an inhuman hunter, Sister Anarchia resists her T’au captors, and Sister Superior Laurelyn helps defend against a familiar foe spilling out of the Great Rift.

Masters of the Hunt: The White Scars Omnibus 

The White Scars Omnibus

With the Khan himself, Primarch of the White Scars, landing on battlefields around the globe thanks to Forge World, there’s no better time to dive into the high-speed hunts and biking stunts of Masters of the Hunt: The White Scars Omnibus.

Urdesh: The Serpent and the Saint 

The Serpent and the Saint

The second part of Matthew Farrer’s Urdesh story sees the Iron Snakes battle the malice of the Anarch and the warp alike, as they fight to save a world from Chaos, now available as an audiobook.

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews

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