Nick Fury, Jr. & S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Character Cards & Rules

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The new Nick Fury, Jr. & S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Character Cards and rules for Marvel Crisis Protocol let you break out the power of the Grunts!

Atomic Mass Games (AMG) has been doing a great job of keeping things interesting as of late. So far we really like the updates and new release for Marvel Crisis Protocol. On their blog, they previewed the new character cards for not only Fury but also how Grunts will work and what they can do.

If you want to see the most preview for the new Grunts mechanic, you can check that out here, but that didn’t have any cards.

Also, if you want to pre-order one for yourself, you can click here.

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Nick Fury, Jr. & S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Character Cards & Rules

Nick Fury cards

Fury has enough Stamina to stay on the field long enough to get the job done, which is enhanced by his decent Physical and Mystical Defense. When he needs to go on the offense, this S.H.I.E.L.D. agent brings a set of versatile Physical attacks.

Fury’s two basic attacks are the Fury Special and his Tactical Knife. Both hit at 5 Strength and have the Pierce special rule, and his knife can add the Bleed condition on his target. When Fury wants to bring down a priority target, though, he can Lead from the Front. This attack costs 3 Power to use and hits at 7 Strength. But as Fury lands his strike, he can call in for a tactical assist from a nearby allied S.H.E.I.L.D Agents character, who can make a short advance and unload on Fury’s target with a Pistol attack.

Obviously, a lot of his abilities work with the grunts, so it’s in your best interest to try and keep them on the field for a while so he can get all the benefits. He has some very powerful attacks and playing with the agents just seems like fun!

Nick Fury cards 2

Fury’s last two superpowers both interact with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents he brings into the field. Call in the Cavalry is a 2 Power ability that allows him to place and allied S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents onto the battlefield who can immediately interact with an Extract objective. Ziplining down from a hoverflier to pull civilians out of the hot zone is all in a day’s work for these agents! And no matter how many times they go down, there’s always another Grunt ready to pick up the mantle and carry on.

While the Grunts on their own aren’t the strongest, they synergize perfectly with Fury. They can also do some interesting things such as interact with Civilian or Asset tokens without paying for it.

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Then, with all the stuff they can do with Fury, they will add a really cool fold to the game. And what would be more demoralizing than having your Agents put down a big superhero?

Marvel Crisis Protocol Grunts Rules Preview!

Elektra and Daredevil 6

So, what are Grunts? A Grunt character is unlike our usual heroic and villainous figures; they are nameless backup that appear to support the hotshot leading them into battle. In a game of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, these characters represent the unsung legions joining the battle behind their commanders. Every time a Grunt falls, there’s another one waiting to take its place if their master calls.

This is so thematically perfect for the game as come on, who counts how many grunts fall in battle?

They Need Parent Units

Nick Fury and Shield Agents

Mechanically this means Grunt characters are tied to a Parent character. A Grunt cannot enter the battlefield, be included in rosters or squads, or even take actions without their Parent character calling the shots. If a Parent character goes down, their loyal Grunts go with them.

While the Grunts can’t stand without their Parent, the reverse is not equally true. Knocking out a Grunt doesn’t hurt their Parent at all. In fact, Grunts tend to take the fall for their heroes. They fling themselves heedlessly into harm’s way, hoping to eke out an advantage their Parent can seize. This reckless fragility shows itself in the way Grunt characters handle damage. Grunts don’t have Injured sides and can’t be Dazed; if they would be Dazed, they are immediately KO’d instead.

This is interesting as they will be included in the threat of the parent character. Then, if the parent character falls, then they leave the field as well. However, they feel like they will be built-in bodyguards for the character as it said they will jump in the way for them. Not having an injured side or being KO’d when dazed do make them easy to take out, but they are grunts against superheroes… so what else did you expect.

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Do you like the new idea of grunts rules in Marvel Crisis Protocol?

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