Anvil Industry Regiment Giveaway!

giveaway feature rThe Anvil Industry Xmas Regiment Giveaway will help you build the regiment of your dreams with a £50 voucher- check out the details!

Anvil Industries has a ton of really amazing Guard alternatives! So why pay for them when you can just win them for free and build up your army with some amazing alternatives? The regiments they have to offer cover a wide variety of worlds, so pretty much something for everyone!

There are a bunch of ways to enter and you can get a ton of entries, meaning more chances to win. The giveaway is free to enter and there are only a few days left to enter (you can enter here), so if you want free stuff, check out the details below!

Anvil Industry Regiment Giveaway:

xmas giveaway 2Since this is your giveaway, we’ll let them tell you the details:

WIN ONE OF x3 £50 VOUCHERS TO SPEND ON ANVIL MINIS AND BITS! Three lucky people will win a £50 voucher to spend on whatever they like at our webstore.

But what can you get for £50? 

    • 5 Pin-Up Jungle Commissars 
    • 48 Bomb Rats 
    • 160 Medium Muzzle Flashes
    • 528 Spent Ammo Casings!

Or anything you like really! 

The contest is open to residents of the UK, USA, EU, Australia and New Zealand, full T’s&C’s below.

giveaway 2These are the 6 different ways you can enter and each will give you entries! They also have a ton of minis you can pick from for this voucher. Just remember, if you want to enter, you can here. Just be sure to do it soon as there isn’t much time left.

xmas giveaway 4As we said, these are just some of the models you can score, so go enter the giveaway and then check out all the awesome minis they have to offer!

That does it for this one, just a super cool giveaway from an awesome company!

Enter the Giveaway Here!

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