New White Dwarf, Necromunda, & Warcry Pre-Orders

Next-Week-New-necromundaThe next week’s new releases just got revealed with new rules for AoS & 40k in the latest White Dwarf, Necromunda, and more Warcry is hitting pre-orders!

Games Workshop just let us in on all the new releases that will be going up for pre-order this coming Saturday at 1 PM Eastern time here in the states.

Now let’s look at next week’s Pre-Order line-up from Warhammer Community.

white dwarf banner

White Dwarf 473

whitedwarf 473

February’s White Dwarf is absolutely packed with incredible hobby content. This month’s issue features rules for fielding the sinister Aeldari from Craftworld Altansar in your games of Warhammer 40,000, updated rules for Beasts of Chaos in Warhammer Age of Sigmar – including a new Path to Glory – and a guide to making banners for your Titans in Adeptus Titanicus.*

Looks like another must-have for both 40k and AoS Players as new rules for both will be inside!

Underhive Sector Terrain


From the looks of it, this box can make the following assemblies:

underhive sector terrain

You can build an entire underhive sector with this gigantic box, which includes a whopping 106 pieces of terrain and accessories. Give your gangers something to fight over, around, and through with multi-layered terrain that lets your fighters battle up flights of stairs and blow open doors.

A neat way to get some of the hard-to-find terrain for Necromunda players, but no clue what the value is on this until we actually see the sprues it contains inside.

warcry banner

Tome of Champions

warcry 2021 tome of champions

The new Tome of Champions for Warcry contains tons of new and updated content for whichever way you prefer to play this skirmish game set in the Mortal Realms – so whether you like open play, narrative play, matched play, or campaign play, there’s something here for you. Along with points updates for every Grand Alliance, there are new fated quests, narrative campaigns, new branching quests, and a tournament pack to make organising a Warcry event easier than ever.

As the yearly update to Warcry, this is pretty much a must-have for all players. If you play Warcry regularly, you’ll want this book and all of the rules inside!

Along with Tome of Champions, you’ll be able to pre-order five new Warcry warbands. Each contains a varied selection of fighters and the cards you need to field them in your games. 

Warcry Stormcast Eternals Warband

warcry stormcast eternals

Stormcast Eternals join Warcry with some of the newer models in center stage.

Warcry Daughters of Khaine Warband

Daughters of Khaine warcryMorathi and her hirelings are also joining warcry.

Warcry Lumineth Realm-Lords Warband

lumineth realm-lords warcry

Lumineth is joining as well and actually is dropping with quite a few models.

Warcry Slaanesh Sybarites Warband

Slaanesh Sybarites warcry

Slaanesh is coming down to party and it looks like the standard is about 2 full squads in these warbands.

Warcry Kruleboyz Warband

Kruleboyz warcryKruleboyz are the final new addition and will most likely fit right in.

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Are you excited about the new specialist releases and the White Dwarf

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