The Woods are Alive: Army of One

By Joshua Dunkerly | February 8th, 2022 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Army of One

There are some nightmares that seem so real you start to believe them, especially when you’re in the dark woods by yourself!

Here are the latest models from the community, brought to us by Andrzej Palka (Terrains4Games) on Spikey Bits Hobbies Facebook Group.

It’s a Leshy!


A magical being that comes from Slavic Mythology. A powerful master of the forest and everything that lives in it. Some call it a demon, others call it a guardian of the forest.


“Come into the woods!”

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About the Author: Joshua Dunkerly

I have been a hobbyist/player for 15 plus years. I like a multitude of tabletop games but mostly enjoy the ones where I get to build or paint something! Don't get me wrong, the game part is fun but there is nothing like putting a model you are truly proud of on a table.
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