A Wise & Powerful Giant: Army of One

giants ready for workIf you are wandering around a magical world you could definitely have worse friends than an awesome giant!

Here are the latest models from the community, brought to us by Julian Huang on Spikey Bits Hobbies Facebook Group.

Korlan the Wise

Korlan the Wise

Korlan the Wise earned his nickname when he brokered a peace agreement between two warring factions amongst his people.

Korlan the Wise

Brave, strong, but noble-hearted and merciful, he is loved by many and respected by everyone. His Greataxe “Gaea’s Scar”, heavy even by giant standards never leaves his side.

Korlan the Wise

“I will protect you all!”

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About the Author: Joshua Dunkerly

I have been a hobbyist/player for 15 plus years. I like a multitude of tabletop games but mostly enjoy the ones where I get to build or paint something! Don't get me wrong, the game part is fun but there is nothing like putting a model you are truly proud of on a table.
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