Almost $1M Already Reaper Miniatures: Bones 6 Kickstarter

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Bones KickstarterThe Reaper Miniatures: Bones 6 – Tales From The Green Griffin Kickstarter is full of amazing minis and has almost hit $1M in sales already!

The miniatures are all fantasy-based and will be made with their Bones, Bones Black, or Bones USA plastics! For the price, it’s going to be a hard project to beat for the number of minis you get. Plus, this has already been funded like crazy in just a little bit of time. 

They have over 100 miniatures planned for the core set, so the more people who support them, the more minis we all get! the models are 28mm so perfect for either RPGs or tabletop games. Let’s take a closer look!

Reaper Miniatures: Bones 6 – Tales From The Green Griffin

Bones 6 KickstarterThe core set is the main focus of the campaign, and the more support that comes in, the more is added to the core set! Here’s what they have to say about the project:

The Bones 6 Core Set is the cornerstone of our Kickstarter. It’s an exceptional value, and the number of miniatures inside the Core Set increases with the success of the Kickstarter. We start out with 30 Bones miniatures, and right off the bat, we throw in an additional 16 bonus Zombies! 

Bones 6 Kickstarter 2


Bones 6 Kickstarter 3

But as the Kickstarter grows, so will the Core Set. We have over 100 miniatures planned for our Core Set, and with your help, we hope it will continue to expand! Check out the image below to see what your $125 pledge starts with when you select the Core Set as one of your rewards!


Bones 6 Kickstarter 5


Bones 6 Kickstarter 6

Expansion Sets are like smaller, themed Core Sets. They usually contain five unlocks before being completed. The Red Lock on the graphic means we haven’t unlocked the goal, while a Green Unlock means we’ve successfully unlocked and added those Bones minis to the Expansion!

Stretch Goals:

Bones 6 Kickstarter 4We’re sure by the time you read this, this stretch goal will have been blown out of the water!


Bones 6 Kickstarter 7They also have a bunch of options. Meaning you can just add them to your pledge to get whatever you want!

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