New Tyranids, Imperial Knights Rules & 40k Army Lists LATEST

chaos-knights-imperial-codex-rules-rumorsHere are all the new wargaming releases, previews, rumors, and more from the weekend, plus the latest from GW as well!

These were the biggest announcements from the wargaming hobby, along with our expert commentary from the last week!

weekend-newsLet’s take a look at what you may have missed for Warhammer and the latest releases for tabletop wargaming in general!

New Underworlds, 40k Stickers, & More Pre-Orders Announced

Next-Week-New-nethermazeGW revealed next week’s new releases for Nethermaze the new Underworlds Season, plus 40k stickers, and even more hitting pre-orders. Read More

New Orgoth Warcaster Preview From Privateer Press!

New Orgoth Warcaster Preview From Privateer Press!The new Orgoth Warcaster preview from Privateer Press shows off a couple of crazy new models coming to the game soon! Read More

New Commissioner Gordon & Catwoman From Knight Models!

Catwoman featureKnight Models has new Commissioner Gordon and Catwoman models in the works for the Batman game- check it out! Read More

Black Library New Releases: Imperial Guard & Sigismund!

Black-Library-New-releases-primaris-gargantsThe latest Black Library releases are here with Imperial Guard & Sigismund headlining the lore side of things this week. Read More

Blood Bowl Norsca Team & McFarlane Figures: Pricing & Links

The new Blood Bowl Norsca Team and McFarlane 40k Action Figures are here and hobbyists can fill out their collections this week! Read More

Top Homebrew 40k Army List: Battle To End Alzheimers

40k-homebrew-army-listsAnother off-meta Warhammer 9th Edition 40k army list emerged in the Battle To End Alzheimers, check this one out! Read More

Ghoulrich & Wurstshire 3D Miniature STL Files

Ghoulrich and Wurtshire featureCome see the latest way to score Ghoulrich and Wurstshire and more 3D miniature STL files each month with Reptilian Overlords Subscription Service. Read More

The Hottest Trending Wargaming Posts Through April 16th

New-imperial-Knights-chaos-rulesWhat did YOU miss this week? Here are all the hottest trending wargaming posts from April 9 – 15th that seem to be on top of everyone’s minds! Read More

Get This Stunning New 3DArtGuy First Knight Miniature!

first knightAdd this stunning 3DArtGuy First Knight miniature in super-strong void resin, to your collection- it’s back in stock and ready to ship! Read More

Malifaux April Releases Coming From Wyrd Games!

Malifaux feature 1 (2)A bunch of new Malifaux April releases are on the way from Wyrd Games, check out what you can score this month! Read More

RUMORS: New Horus Heresy Terrain Rules Spotted!

Horus-Heresy-walThere are some pretty giant rumors out there for the new Horus Heresy terrain rules, check out what may be changing in the new edition! Read More

New Tyranids Creep Towards The Top at Pittsburgh 40k GT

Top-3-army-lists-40k-wal-hor-2The GT Bedlam In The ‘Burgh happened over the weekend with some pretty sweet Warhammer 40k army lists taking the top spots! Read More

New Balance Dataslate Warhammer 40k Changed Forever: Episode 332

podcast_thumb_4_15 balance dataslate march 2022The new Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate is here, find out the good and bad new rules as we dive into the changes and how they will affect the meta going forward. Read More

New Frontline Gaming Pre-Painted Snow Gothic Ruins!

FLG-New-Producs-snow-terrainIf you want some awesome full-color pre-painted terrain, you need to check out the new Snow Gothic Ruins from Frontline Gaming! Read More

GW Reveals New Skaven & Aelves in Nethermaze Box Set

Warhammer underworlds nethermazeThe new Warhammer Underworlds Nethermaze boxset will have new minis for Skaven and some Aelves- check out what’s inside! Read More

Get 4 Assassins For the Price of 1 & Free Shipping Worldwide!

Heresy-Labs-Postcard-all-4Don’t miss out, score a set of four Assassin models for the price of one, and get free shipping worldwide for a limited time! Read More

RUMORS: New Imperial & Chaos Renegade Knights Codex Rules

chaos-knights-imperial-codex-rules-rumorsMore new 40k  rules rumors are here for the upcoming Imperial & Chaos Knights codex books, dont miss these spicy updates that may be on the way soon! Read More

New Paint Mixer: Four E’s Scientific Lab Vortex Shaker

vortex mixer featureThis Four E’s Scientific Lab Vortex Shaker is about the same price as the LabGenius, but has a ton of great reviews and looks really good! Read More

New Kharadron AoS 3.0 White Dwarf Rules Update

Kharadon-Overlords-new-rules-white-dwarfA bunch of new AoS 3.0 Kharadron Overlords rules updates have been spotted in an upcoming White Dwarf- here are the changes! Read More

These GW Painting Standards Are The Competitive Norm Now

warhammer-games-workshop-painting-standardsThese GW painting standards for Warhammer have become the hobby norm, as tournaments are back you get free victory points now! Read More

New Bushi Dragon Helmets From Puppetswar

Bushi Dragon Helmets featureTurn your Marines into awesome samurai with the amazing new Bushi Dragon Helmets from Puppetswar- check it out! Read More

Create Custom Warhammer Razer Gear For Your Computer Right Now!

razer-warhammerNot just Warhammer 40k either, GW and Razer have teamed up to help you create custom gear for 40k, Vermintide, and Total War even! Read More

Battle To End Alzheimers 40K GT: Fresh 40k Army Lists

40k-army-lists-freshThe Battle To End Alzheimers GT happened over the weekend with some pretty sweet 40k army lists making it to the top! Read More

Rating All The Acrylic Miniature Paints Brands Out There

Testing Paint BrandsSquidmar is back with another tutorial, this time he is rating all the acrylic miniature paints brands out there to find the best for your hobby desk! Read More

How To Play Tyranids Warhammer 40k: Codex Rules Review

tyranids-codex-rules-rumors-bookThese are all the new Tyranids Warhammer 40k Codex rules and models along with how to play the new faction in our review. Read More

New Horus Heresy Plastic Praetor Revealed By GW!

Horus-Heresy-praetors-miniature-previewGW has revealed a new Horus Heresy all-Plastic Praetor as well as some details on how you can equip yours- check it out! Read More

The New Balance Dataslate Basically Fixes Warhammer 40k

Balance-Dataslate-datasheet-warhammer-40k-changes-updates-FAQIt’s official, the new Warhammer 40k Q2 Balance Dataslate is here, check out how they will fix the game this time around! Read More

New Value in Star Wars: Legion Shadow Collective Starter Set

Star-Wars-Legion-shadow-collective-starter-setThe new Star Wars: Legion Shadow Collective Starter Set is a great way to get a ton of minis in one buy and get your forces on the move! Read More

New Chaos Knights Codex Keyword Leak

New-imperial-Knights-chaos-rulesThere has been a new Chaos Knights Codex keyword leak and from the looks of it you can take a Knight in your CSM army! Read More

RUMORS: GW To Produce Insane Numbers of Horus Heresy Starter Box

Horus-Heresy-primarh-rumors-rules-starter-set-forge-worldAmbitious rumors are here about the production numbers for how many Horus Heresy Starter Boxes Games Workshop may be making. Read More

Goblinz: Mischief and Madness Kickstarter Starting Soon!

Goblinz and mischief 13If you want a ton of amazing minis, a new campaign, and terrain, the upcoming Goblinz: Mischief and Madness Kickstarter might be perfect! Read More

And that’s it for all the latest 40k rumors and releases for wargaming in general. Don’t forget to keep your eyes glued to Spikey Bits for what else the gaming world is throwing at you this week.

All the Newest GW Model Previews

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