New Batman Miniature Game Website is Live!

batman the miniature game featureIf you play the game, the new Batman Miniature Game Website is a great resource with all kinds of downloads and more on there!

Knight Models has a ton of really cool minis and games, but their Batman Game might just be our favorite. It has some of the coolest models out there and now with everything on the new site, playing will be easier than ever before! If you’re not too worried about the site, check out what else has been coming out for the game!

If you are just getting into the game, then this will just make it that much easier. Considering they do have a lot of games, it’s really nice to have something dedicated just for this. Let’s check out everything you can use the site for!

The New Batman Miniature Game Website is Live!

batman website 2If you’re just getting into the game, the site has a ton of great resources and all the info you need to play the game.

Here’s what they have to say about the new site:

We hope this new site will be the meeting point for the entire community and that your gaming experience will improve with it.
Write in the comments what you think of this new website, your opinion is the most important thing for us.

batman website 4One really nice thing about the site, possibly the best, is they put all the downloads in one place for the rules, teams, objectives, and the app. So instead of searching around for everything, just go here and pick it up?

batman website 3They also have a ton of really cool stuff about organized play as well as the Sidekick program which will get you even more involved with the game!

Last but not least, they have a huge library of videos for things like painting, playing, and way more!

That does it for this one, now go check it out!

Click Here To Check Out the New Site! 

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