More New Orgoth Previews: Warjack & Reaver Unit

Orgoth featureThe new Orgoth Warjack and Reaver Unit preview from Privateer Press shows off crazy new models coming to the game soon!

Just a week or so ago, we saw some more Orgoth previews, but this time we’ll focus on the new Warjack and the Reavers! If you need some more insane warriors in your army, these might be perfect.

The announcement from Privateer Press didn’t quite say exactly when these would be hitting shelves, but usually, once something is previewed, it’s not far off. Let’s take a closer look!

Orgoth: Warjack Preview:

warjack previewSince this is a new preview from them, we’ll let them tell you a little more of what to expect:

Lacking either the industrial capabilities or the skilled knowledge for such creations, the Orgoth Vulcars turned to infernal sacral magic, ultimately producing brutal hunting hounds for their warcasters to master and command. Far more beast than machine, the Jackals bound into battle, wreaking gruesome deaths upon all who would stand against them.

  • The Jackal can run or charge without spending focus.
  • When it charges a living or undead model, this model gains +2˝ movement.
  • Cannon with RNG 14, POW 14 and Critical Brutal Damage.

    warjack preview 2

    Bristling with brutal and hell-marked arms, the Tyrants are devastating combatants empowered with arcane energies and raw Blaze power.

    • When this model suffers damage from an enemy attack, after the attack is resolved, it can immediately make a full advance directly toward the attacking model.
    • Head weapon is a second melee attack.
    • Its Belcher ranged weapon is a powerful AOE attack that causes continuous fire.

    Orgoth: Reaver Units Overview:

    Orgoth preview


    orgtoth preview


    Orgoth preview 2

    Skilled ambushers and terrifying killers, the reaver skirmishers exist to strike terror and submissiveness into the hearts of those who would oppose the Orgoth host. These savage fighters are devout members of the Fellgoeth cults, seeking to one day climb from the pits of death upon their towering piles of victims, each a solemn sacrifice to be bartered in the afterlife. These warriors race to combat with paired weapons, heedless of any enemy foolish enough to stray into their paths.

    That does it for this one, just some amazing minis to look forward to!

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