New Nighthaunt, Daughters of Khaine New Releases: FIRST LOOK

gw-first-look1The new Nighthaunt, Daughters of Khaine, and more are here as hobbyists can finally get their fill of AoS this weekend pre-order-wise!

Get those hobby dollars ready if you want any of these pre-orders from Games Workshop that will go up for pre-order with your favorite retailers on Saturday, May 14th, 2022 around 1 pm EST!

New Nighthaunt, Daughters of Khaine New Releases: FIRST LOOK

It’s also worth mentioning that the two new Nighthaunt and Daughters of Khaine models from the arena of Shades Battle box were not included in these pre-orders for some reason.

Currently, there is no word when we will see the High Gladiatrix or the Scriptor Mortis for sale separately.

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Battletome: Nighthaunt Pricing

battletome nighthaunt

Nagash’s spectral legions are back, and they’re more tortured than ever in their latest battletome. Trapped in undying service to the Supreme Lord of the Undead, they will stop at nothing to swell his ranks by slaughtering his foes. Battletome: Nighthaunt contains everything you need to bring this army to unlife on the tabletop, including battle traits, Path to Glory rules, all the warscrolls, and a sheet of tokens to help you keep track of your terrifying abilities. 

Other than all the fantastic rules packed in here, if you are a devoted fan, you can also pick up a Nighthaunt collector’s edition while supplies last. Their rules were already leaked for the most part, and you can see most of the updates and changes to their Battletome by clicking here.

Battletome: Daughters of Khainebattletome daugthers of khaine

Over in the world of the corporeal, Morathi’s bloodthirsty daughters – and her handful of sons – are getting ready to massacre all those who stand in the way of her rise to power. Discover the story of her apotheosis and bring her cults to the tabletop with Battletome: Daughters of Khaine, which is full new and updated rules, lore, abilities for the six temples of Khaine, a bloody Path to Glory campaign, and more.

Like the Nighthaunt, Daughters of Khaine are also getting their update next week, meaning you can snag the rules with the option of a limited collector’s edition- all going on pre-orders this week!

Awlrach the Drowner

Awlrach the Drowner

Crash your tide of spectral terror into the enemy with Awlrach the Drowner. In life, this betraying boatman dragged folk to their deaths in the briny deep, and he continues his watery hobby in undeath. Luckily your ghosts are immune to drowning, so they can hitch a ride as he paddles through the underworlds and straight into your foe’s front line.

This model looks stunning and also looks to have some interesting rules like some exceptional movement speed that you can see here!

GW-action-figures-entrainment-earthClick Here To Get Your 40k Action Figures!

Awlrach The Drowner sprue 1


Awlrach The Drowner sprue 2


Awlrach The Drowner sprue 3

Craventhrone Guard

Craventhrone Guard

Ranged support for your Nighthaunt army is also arriving in the form of the Craventhrone Guard. Cursed always to kill whatever the Craven King himself wishes to dispatch, these kill-stealing spectral marksmen can even fire their ethereal bolts right through terrain – no one can hide from their wrath.

With their crossbows ready to lay down shots, these new models might be for you if you needed ranged support in your Nighthaunt lists.

Craventhrone Guard sprue 1


Craventhrone Guard sprue 3


Craventhrone Guard sprue 2

Vanguard: Idoneth Deepkin

Vanguard Idoneth Deepkin

This raiding party consists of 15 miniatures – with a hero and battleline meaning you can use it as an army in a box. Hard-hitting eyeless Namarti Thralls are guided by the mystical prowess of an Isharaan Soulscryer, backed up by a fierce Akhelian Allopex and a trio of eel-riding Akhelian Isharaan Guard, which can also be built as Morrsarr Guard for extra flexibility.

This new package for Idoneth looks like a great way to get quite a few models all in one place to either start an army or add to an existing one.

Vanguard: Fyreslayers

Vanguard Fyreslayers

26 hot-headed miniatures – including a hero and battleline – form a fiery core to this force. A Battlesmith chronicles the stories of the Fyreslayers to lead 20 axe-toting Vulkite Berzerkers and five ferocious Hearthguard Berzerkers – who can be built instead as the indomitable Auric Hearthguard. 

If you prefer Fyreslayers, the same is true for them! Grab this if you need many models at once, like starting a new army!

Auric Runefather on Magmadroth

Auric Runefather on Magmadroth

This tide of doughty duardin also brings with it the Auric Runefather on Magmadroth, who is being sold separately for the first time. The kit can alternatively be used to build an Auric Runeson or Runesmiter on Magmadroth – and whichever two heroes you don’t mount on a giant fire-breathing lizard can also be built on foot.

This sweet model isn’t new but is just being offered in a new package. If you are a fan of the giant fire lizards, this is your time to shine!

Nighthaunt Pricing Warscroll Cards and Dice

Nighthaunt Warscroll Cards and Dice

As with most major releases, you can pick up some warscroll cards to help speed up the first few games with convenient reference cards, or you can sport your loyalties with a new set of themed dice!

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White Dwarf 476

White Dwarf 476

Light the incense and praise Slaanesh, issue 476 of White Dwarf is here, and it brings a new Tome Celestial for the Hedonites who worship the Prince of Pleasure, giving you new things to do with all those Depravity points…

There are also rules and missions for using sentries in Kill Team, four new fighters for you to add to your games of Warcry, Crusade rules for falling to Chaos in Warhammer 40,000, and all your favourite articles and features. How incredibly decadent!

With all the hobby news and rules, the White Dwarf is an easy pick-up if you are generally interested in all things Warhammer. Looks like there are even new rules coming for Age of Sigmar as well in this issue.

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Games Workshop bits from preview models that we should watch out for. Click on the gallery above to see dozens of Rumor Engines with new models still left to be revealed!

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews For 2022

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