Skyline City Set is Great for Adeptus Titanicus or BattleTech

city skyline 2The Skyline: City Set from Death Ray Designs is an amazing set of terrain that will make your games of Adeptus Titanicus or BattleTech cooler!

Death Ray Designs has a bunch of great terrain, so even if this isn’t up your alley, they have so much more on their site for AT. Look, when you have giant machines stomping around destroying everything in sight, you need some great terrain! Or at least enough pieces to make everything fun.

As we said, they have a ton of stuff on their site, but today we’ll be focusing on the newest set, which is pretty much enough terrain for a full table. But enough talking about all the cool stuff, let’s jump into it!

Skyline: City Set: $65.00

city skylineThis set just started shipping out, so don’t sit around and miss out!

city skyline 2Here are all the specs on this kit:

Skyline: City Set include MDF and acrylic parts to build the following:

  • 8 Different Buildings of various sizes

  • 8 Ruined Building Corners

  • 3 Base Plates of various sizes to define the area of the ruins

city skyline 3

Buildings in the Skyline: City Set are appropriate for 6-10mm games. The contents of this set are intended to provide a baseline for playing Steel Rift. Buildings and ruins can cover the spread of terrain types in the game and can be mixed with your existing terrain collection or be the start of a new one.

Set includes glossy black acrylic plates to black out the windows of the buildings after assembly and painting to make for super quick and easy spraypaint paint jobs.

Steel Rift requires 8 pieces or clusters of terrain. Add a second set to fill out your table to a higher density, grouping your buildings into city blocks for game setup.

That does it for this one, now go get some new terrain from Death Ray Designs!

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