Orgoth: Ulkor & Solos Preview From Privateer Press!

Orgoth featureThe new Orgoth: Ulkor and Solos preview from Privateer Press shows off crazy new models coming to the game soon!

Just a week or so ago, we saw some more Orgoth previews, but this time we’ll focus on the new Ulkor and solo models! If you need some more insane warriors in your army, these might be perfect.

The announcement from Privateer Press didn’t quite say exactly when these would be hitting shelves, but usually, once something is previewed, it’s not far off. Let’s take a closer look!

Orgoth: Ulkor & Solos Preview From Privateer Press!

Ulkor PreviewSince this is a new preview from them, we’ll let them tell you a little more of what to expect:

The axers themselves are murderous combatants, eschewing all sense of personal safety, wading into battle with paired, rough-hewn long-handled axes to sever limbs and courage.


  • Orgoth heavy infantry with Tough, Snacking, and Unyielding.
  • They can make Combo Strikes with their axes.

Siege Tarask—Solo:

Ulkor Preview 2

Larger and even more physically powerful than their Immorese relations, these creatures are trained for war. Crewed by a single rider adept at harnessing the taraskadon’s innate rage, these beasts are transformed into fearsome siege tarasks, savage instruments of war.


  • Can make ranged and melee attacks in same activation.
  • Has Pathfinder and Overtake.
  • Gains Rage tokens when damaged, which it can use to heal itself, to make additional attacks, to boost attack or damage rolls, or to gain Mortal Fear.
  • Huge number of damage boxes.

Therion Vhanek—Character Solo

Ulkor Preview 3

Therion Vhanek is an accomplished adept on the Path of the Reaper, the warwitch martial path. Unlike those on the Path of Shadow, who exalt in the mysteries of death and the occult secrets of their order, those on the Reaper’s Path learn to wield entropy only as a weapon, bending it to their purposes to preserve the life of a promising warrior here or snuff out an enemy’s life there. All the while, they climb their own towers of skulls, seeking to climb from the depths of oblivion upon their own passing. Vhanek has long served Sabbreth, The Eternal Annihilation: her master, lover, and sworn rival.


  • Pathfinder, Stealth, and Veteran Leader [Warwitch Coven].
  • Can return friendly trooper models to play.
  • Possess potent offensive magic.
  • Halberd has Grievous Wounds.

That does it for this one, just some amazing minis to look forward to!

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