Cult Manipulation Sorcerer Kit From Pop Goes the Monkey!

Cult Manipulation SorcererUpgrade your boring psyker into a Cult Manipulation Sorcerer with all these awesome bits from Pop Goes the Monkey!

Pop Goes the Monkey is always coming out with some of the coolest minis and bits on the market! They basically have something for every faction out there and all kinds of games. They are a great place to start if you’ve been looking to upgrade your army.

This time, they are adding a big upgrade kit that is an amalgamation from their site to make an already awesome model even better for a certain Chaos faction. This can fit most Primaris models, chaos models, or normal marines.

However, the initial model is not included, this is just an upgrade kit. So you will have to have a model to put these on.

These kits really let you show off your chaos pride, so why not pick a couple up?

Cult Manipulation Sorcerer Kit: $19.99

Cult Manipulation Sorcerer 2This is just such a cool kit and will change any model’s look in seconds (get it?). Plus, if you’re playing Tzeentch, you should grab at least one and make one of your models stand out and lead your forces to change!

Cult Manipulation Sorcerer 3

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Let’s hear what they have to say about the kit:

This conversion kit includes a variety of bits from across the PGTM store, brought together on one sprue. It will allow you to create a one-of-a-kind character for your Kill Team or your Army. The kit is designed to accommodate MOST any marine model from the first-born, Primaris, 30k or Chaos space marine line.* Note: Base and marine model not included.

That does it for this one; now go get an awesome kit!

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