GW Pricing Secrets, New Leagues of Votann, & 40k Balance LATEST

Games Workshop pricing secrets for Warhammer Here are all the new wargaming releases, previews, rumors, and more from the weekend, plus the latest from GW as well!

These were the biggest announcements from the wargaming hobby and our expert commentary from the last week!

weekend-newsLet’s look at what you may have missed for Warhammer and the latest releases for tabletop wargaming in general!

New Space Marine Heroes & More GW Pre-Orders Revealed

new-next-week-space-marines-heroesThis week has a variety of products, including new Space Marine Heroes and Horus Heresy Upgrades for pre-order on October 1st from Games Workshop. Read More

How to Fix “Broken” Armies Like Leagues of Votann Day 1

There’s actually a very simple way to fix broken armies like Leagues of Votann day 1 for tournament play, and people used to do it! Read More

Awakenings e-Book Black Library Releases

black-library-new-relases-space-marinesThe latest Black Library releases are here, spotlighting Awakenings in an e-book format for the lore side of things this week. Read More

Disciples of Tzeentch: Pricing & Where To Get Yours

new-releases-tzeentchHere’s all the pricing and where to get the new Disciples of Tzeentch AoS update that hit pre-orders this weekend. Read More

Top 40k Homebrew Army List: Warzone Houston GT

40k-homebrew-army-listsChaos is trailing behind the best armies as a new homebrew Warhammer 40k army list emerged at the Warzone Houston GT! Read More

Squats Leagues of Votann Army Before the Update!

army-showcaseWith the new faction hitting pre-order, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at this Castle Brush Squats Leagues of Votann army! Read More

All The Hottest Trending Wargaming Posts To September 24th

faces-of-warhammer-thewargammergirlDon’t miss all the hottest trending wargaming posts to Sept 24th that seem to be on everyone’s minds! Read More

Horus Heresy Deimos Predator: Unboxing & Magnetization

horus-heresy-predator-unboxing-magnetizarionHere is how to magnetize and build the new Horus Heresy Deimos Predator in our latest unboxing feature- check it out! Read More

New Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Dawnguard & Volkihar Sets!

New-Elder-Scrolls-Products-miniatures-modiphiusThe new Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Dawnguard and Volkihar Sets will add some serious muscle to your forces in no time- check it out! Read More

Some Leagues of Votann Army Boxes Still Left (at a discount)


There are still some Leagues of Votann Army boxes left out there and some of them are still even cheaper than they were from GW! Read More

Top 40k Army Lists At Warzone Houston GT: Sisters Triumph

Top-3-army-lists-40k-wal-horSisters blast through the competition with a great 1st place finish at Warzone Houston from the weekend, as these Warhammer 40k army lists took the top! Read More

40k End Times Start With Leagues of Votann: Ep. 355

The 40k End times are here, as tournaments are already banning Votann before release because they are “too broken.” Or are they… Read More

The Army Painter Speedpaint Wins Tabletop Gaming Award!

Army painter tabletop award 2The Army Painter Speedpaints have won the Tabletop Gaming “Outside the Box” Award, which is awesome! Read More

Warhammer Day 2022 Exclusive 40k Mini & Preview Announced!

new-emperors-champion-warhammer-40k-exclusive-warhammer-day-2022The Warhammer Day 2022 exclusive 40k miniature has been announced for 40k, and the Black Templars Emperor’s Champion takes center stage! Read More

New Chapter-Specific Eternus Kits Available Now!

chapter specific eternus kitsUpgrade your battlesuits with these insane Chapter-Specific Eternus Kits that you can score from our 3D Marketplace right now! Read More

New Primarchs Models GW Should Make For Warhammer 40k

Primarchs-Warhammer-40k modelsWhile some may never be coming back, here are the Primarch models we would love to see in Warhammer 40k (and would actually make sense)- check it out! Read More

New Monument Hobbies Store Finder Puts Products In Your Hands!

monument-hobbies-store-locatorWith the new store finder from Monument Hobbies, you can see who has their products close to you or where to buy them online! Read More

One Simple Thing GW Can Do To Updated Rules Better

chapter-approved-rules-points-updates-changesIt really doesn’t seem that hard, but there is one little thing Games Workshop can do to make points changes and rules updates easier on us. Read More

RUMORS: 2022 40k Christmas Battleforces Leaked

christmas-battleforces-pricing-valuesIt looks like we may know what armies will be included for the 2022 40k Christmas Battleforces, as the names have been leaked! Read More

Top 40k Army Lists At Winehammer 3: Knights Stomp Through

Top-3-army-lists-40k-wal-hor-2Knights stomped through the competition with a great 1st place finish at Winehammer 3 from the weekend, as these Warhammer 40k army lists took the top! Read More

Phrozen Sonic Mini 8k 3D Printer Review Video

phrozen sonic 8kIf you’re looking at getting the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8k 3D Printer then you should probably check out Fauxhammer’s comprehensive review! Read More

AMG Drops New MCP Tactic Cards for Sentinels & Prime

sentinel-new-model-rules-marvel-crisis-protocolAMG has revealed spicy new tactics cards for the MK4 Sentinels and Prime Sentinel in Marvel Crisis Protocol; here is the latest! Read More

How to Play Sylvaneth: Ironbark, Oakenbrow, & Winterleaf

age-of-sigmar-sylvaneth-title-2Here is how to play Sylvaneth in AoS, focusing on building Ironbark, Oakenbrow, and Winterleaf 2,000 points armies! Read More

Leagues of Votann Combat Patrol: What is the Value?

It looks like there will be some decent value in the new Leagues of Votann Combat Patrol; here is our price breakdown and review of the box. Read More

Ding Dong, The Purple Sun is Dead in New FAQ

new-aos-3.0-faqThis is a pretty small but very impactful FAQ, as it basically takes away tons of power from the Purple Sun in Age of Sigmar. Read More

2 New Horus Heresy Praetors Are On The Way Now!

new forge world releases games workshop wal hor warhammer communityTwo new Horus Heresy Praetors are continuing the line of the traitor forces for Horus Heresy; this time for the Death Guard. Read More

How Much Money Games Workshop Marks Up Their Products Now

https://shop.asmodee.com/marvel-5-crisis-protocol-brotherhood-of-mutants-cp140enGames Workshop has been doing this for years, but you will be shocked at how much they now mark up their products’ prices for customers’ “convenience.” Read More

New Limited Edition Spider Demon Miniature Incoming

Spider DemonThe new Creature Caster Reborn Spider Demon is already looking amazing, and we expect the pre-order soon; check it out! Read More

A New GW Preview is Right Around the Corner

gw-previews-new-warhammerThe next round of Games Workshop previews are right around the corner as Warhammer Day falls right around Halloween generally… Read More

And that’s it for all the latest 40k rumors and releases for wargaming in general. Don’t forget to keep your eyes glued to Spikey Bits for what else the gaming world is throwing at you this week.

All the Newest GW Model Previews

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