List of All The New Warhammer 40k LVO Qualifiers

FLG Event Schedule FeatureHere are all the new Frontline Gaming  LVO Qualifiers, which will get you a first-round bye at the big Warhammer 40k tournament.

If you want to play some more events and get a big leg up on the competition, the Frontline Gaming Champions of Tabletop LVO Qualifier Circuit will be the way to do it! We heard rumors in the past that this was on the way, and now we have all the details!

We’ll check out what events you can qualify for, how it the Warhammer 40k LVO qualifiers FLG tournament series will work, and more! Here is how to get those byes!

What are the FLG LVO Warhammer 40k Qualifiers?

LVO 2023

Let’s hear from them on  just what the LVO Wahrmamer 40k Qualifiers are:

The LVO is the world’s largest 40K tournament and determines the season’s overall winner. To reward the players who have proved themselves by winning competitive events during the season and prevent them from getting knocked out early at the LVO, these players will have a chance of getting byes at the LVO for rounds 1, 2, and 3.

While this qualifier format is new to competitive 40K, this is not a new concept in gaming and is being adopted to work with the LVO and the 40K scene.

This will not only be taking place in the USA either, as they have promised the UK, EU, and Oceania. It looks like they are teaming up with other FLG events and non-FLG tournaments on the ITC circuit (these haven’t been announced yet), so hopefully, soon, we know every place you can qualify.

However, it’s more than just winning a bye. You can also win best in faction to get other perks! So, just go out there and play these events and sees what happens.

How Do the LVO Qualifiers Work?

LVO 2023


The winner of each Champions of Tabletop Qualifier gets “LVO Qualifier” status for the season running from February to the LVO the following January. A total of 24 players with LVO Qualifier status in attendance at the LVO will get bye rounds based on their ITC rank at the time of the LVO:
Top 8 ITC ranked Qualifiers continue to day 2 of LVO with three wins (points are an average of the top 100 scores from day one of LVO).

  • Qualifiers ranked 9-16 get a bye for round 1 and 2 (points are an average of the top 100 scores from round 1 and 2 of LVO).
  • Qualifiers ranked 17-24 get a bye for round 1 (points are an average of the top 100 scores from round 1 of LVO).
  • If someone has won 3 Qualifiers, they automatically take up one of the top 8 ITC ranked Qualifier spots and continue directly to day 2 of the LVO regardless of relative ITC Scores.
  • Frontline Gaming reserves the right to exclude a player from qualification status should their conduct warrant it, determined at Frontline Gaming’s discretion.

What are the Event Requirements for LVO Qualifiers?

Requirements for an event to be part of the Champions of Tabletop Qualifier Circuit:

  • GT status with 58+ players at the start of round one.
  • Top 4 tables strongly encouraged to use FLG terrain – but are not required to do so.
  • Approved by Frontline Gaming and the FLG judge team in advance
  • All lists must have factions noted upon the list submission deadline.
  • A Best General must be determined for the event

What Will Best in Faction Get Me?

FLG Event Schedule

Best in Faction is now better than ever and will be earning exclusive badges for winners at participating qualifiers. At participating Champions of Tabletop Qualifier events, each faction with a current codex will be recognizing the player with the best record running a list purely composed from that codex. They will receive a Best in Faction Badge of Honor they can show off for the rest of the season to earn additional perks at Frontline Gaming events. All Frontline Gaming Events (except Cruise Hammer and any teams event) will be awarded Best in Faction as well as many of the Champions of Tabletop Qualifier partner events.

Where Can I Qualify?

LVO Qualifier 2

As we said, they will get more regional qualifiers announced soon. However, check out the links below for all the events we know for sure:

Will you try to lock in that bye for the next Frontline Gaming LVO? 

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