Knight Models: New Deacon Blackfire & Court of the Owls Preview

Deacon Blackfire featureIt’s almost time to get wild with the new Batman Game Deacon Blackfire and Court of the Owls from Knight Models.

Whether you’re looking for heroes or villains, Knight Models always has something for you! Their line of DC minis is starting to get insane, so basically, any character that’s your favorite, they have it. This release is the perfect example of that.

These are actually super cool minis, so even if you don’t use them for Batman, they are worth checking out! But if you haven’t played yet, you should, it’s super fun and definitely worth a try. Let’s stop talking and jump into the minis!

New Deacon Blackfire Preview From Knight Models!

Deacon BlackfireThis is just a fun mini, and they have plenty to say about him:

Deacon Blackfire is the leader of a cult that operates from the sewers and wants to gain control of Gotham City.

Deacon’s followers are homeless people duped by his alluring talk of a new, better life. This speech is full of beliefs and an end goal so desired that they will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

The reality is that Blackfire has used his psychology to manipulate these poor people. His modus operandi is always the same. He uses his followers to carry out his plans and uses his psychology and drugs to get people to side with him.

When they manage to kidnap Batman, the end is near. It is only a matter of time before Gotham City ends under the will of this new sect that wants to impose its desire on everyone.

Court of the Owls:

Owl CourtsFrom the video game, they also are coming out with the Court of Owls! Here’s what they have to say about these:

The driving force of the Court of Owls crew is its henchmen, the Talon, who normally have well above average stats, and weapons that focus on dealing damage quickly and effectively. Their Objective deck primarily focuses on removing enemies, but a playstyle like that has a cost. Simply dealing damage isn’t enough. First, you must target and mark an enemy model as “Prey” before dealing the final blow if you want to score your Objectives. The Court of Owls is considered one of the “elite” crews in the game, with each model having enough strength to take down any target in the opponent’s crew.

If you love what Knight Models are up to, check out what else they have been releasing here. That does it for this one; just more great models coming to a really fun game!

Learn More About the New Minis Here!

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