New AOS Beasts of Chaos & Gloomspite Gitz: FIRST LOOK

gw-first-look1Here’s a first look at all the new Beasts of Chaos and Gloomspite Gitz for AoS that are hitting pre-orders this weekend.

Get those hobby dollars ready if you want any of these new releases from Games Workshop that will go up for pre-order with your favorite retailers on Saturday, January 28th, 2023, around 1 pm EST! 

New AOS Beasts of Chaos & Gloomspite Gitz: FIRST LOOK

While there aren’t many new models this time, both factions are still getting new Battletomes, Vanguard boxes, and a few new units each! We were hoping for a bigger Beasts of Chaos rework; getting a new book and character is better than nothing!

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Battletome: Beasts of Chaos

The Beasts of Chaos are anarchy incarnate, mustering massive brayherds to assault civilisation itself. Their new battletome sees them charge headfirst into the latest edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, with updated warscrolls, pitched battle profiles, and new Path to Glory rules – truly a bounty worthy of the Dark Gods.

The beastherds may have no respect for gilded finery, but you can demonstrate your standing among fellow Beastlords with a special Limited Edition of the battletome featuring gilt page edges, gold foil blocking, red ribbon page marker, and soft-touch cover. They’re limited to just 250 numbered copies, so don’t hang about.

New rules can make unpopular factions skyrocket in power and popularity, but we’ll have to see how this one turns out. But don’t get it twisted; who doesn’t love an evil Goat-Man?


Speaking of Beastlords – a new miniature strides forth to lead your brayherd. These powerful leaders are absolute machines in close combat and harbour a special hatred of enemy heroes, empowering nearby allies whenever they’re going toe-to-toe with a rival champion.

Speaking of Goatmen, this is just that! A brand new HQ model to pair off with all those new rules!

Battletome: Gloomspite Gitz 

Not to be outdone, the diminutive loons of the Gloomspite Gitz are also dragging an updated battletome into the light of day, full of detailed histories of their tribes and their strange origins, plus their surge in power through the Era of the Beast. It has the usual set of rules for subfactions, relics, and magic, as well as warscrolls, battleplans, and all the other good stuff. 

This battletome is also available in a luxury Limited Edition with the same exclusive trappings as the beastmen, befitting the shiniest horde of Gloomspite loot. It’s also limited to 250 numbered copies.

Alongside the Beasts, there’s the Gitz, in all of their squig herding glory. These little guys pack in a ton of character, so it’s an easy faction to like.

Squigboss with Gnasha-squig

Lead your bouncy, bitey squig mobs into battle with the new Squigboss, a remarkably brave individual who prods your fanged fungal people-eaters in the right direction with the help of his pet gnasha-squig. His consummate knowledge of squig physiology allows him to enhance his herds with a variety of special fungi, sending them wild with a burst of speed or a furious biting fit.

Also, getting a new character, the Gitz new model looks noticeably more menacing. Something about that Iron mask…

Snarlfang Riders

Those gitz who prefer their rides more stable and (slightly) less hungry than squigs can mount up on barely-tamed snarlfangs for a jaunt across the battlefield. Wolf-riding grots are a Warhammer classic, and they return to Warhammer Age of Sigmar armed with wicked spears and bows for some fast-moving punch.



New cavalry is always welcome, and these Snarlfangs look strikingly like some popular LOTR units and the old Wolf Riders from Warhammer Fantasy.


Vanguard: Beasts of Chaos

Start a brayherd of your own with a box stuffed with Beasts of Chaos, the perfect retinue for your new Beastlord. It’s a buffet of dependable Battleline units, including 10 Gors, 10 Ungors, and 10 Bestigors, backed up by three mighty Dragon Ogors and a Great Bray-Shaman – a capable Leader in his own right, and a powerful Wizard for your army. 

Start collecting or building up some bulk with your new rules by getting this vanguard that has a ton of the models you’ll need to play.

Vanguard: Gloomspite Gitz

The Gloomspite Gitz are a frighteningly diverse huddle of hooligans, featuring bands of grots, squigs, and troggoths – and this Vanguard box contains a curated selection from all three. A cackling Loonboss leads 20 Moonclan Stabbas (who can also be built as Shootas), 10 Squig Hoppers (or Boingrot Bounderz), and three Rockgut Troggoths into battle, giving you the tools to create a balanced army of Destruction.

Start collecting or building up some bulk with your new Gitz rules by getting this vanguard that has a ton of the models you’ll need to play.

Warscroll Cards: Gloomspite Gitz

Keep your warscrolls close with this pack of 43 reference cards for the Gloomspite Gitz, along with two punch-out token sheets – perfect for keeping track of your special abilities and battle tactics. 

Track and learn your new rules faster with these cards while trying out your cluster of first games post-update!

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Will you be picking any of these releases up? What are your thoughts on these releases? 

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