Last Days To Score The Fat Sack O’ Bits in 2023

By Rob Baer | March 17th, 2023 | Categories: Uncategorized

fat sack of bits close upDon’t miss this, there are only days left to score the few remaining legendary Fat Sack ‘O Bits Bags in 2023, and they are better than ever!

We’re doing something fun again this time around, and we’re excited to unveil the loadout for the latest Fat Sacks!  Obviously, we don’t have unlimited bits, so once these are gone, they are gone. So that means get yours while supplies last and don’t miss out.

Fat Sack O’ Bits: $59.95

fat sacks 3d prints - Copy

Our latest Fat Sack of bits is entirely full of salvageable fails and extra production from the last few months of our 3D printing endeavors! Yep, that’s right, some of the prints are 100% useable and like new even!

Each bag will contain the following;

  • One whole printed miniature from our catalog
  • One Warhammer 40k character model, new on sprue
  • One Warhammer 40k upgrade set new on sprue
  • One blister pack of Kromlech upgrades, along with potentially another pack of bits in some bags from brands such as Hardcore Miniatures, Liber Daemonica, Puppets War, etc.. as well!

fat sacks 3d prints (2) - Copy


An example of our new Bits Sack is pictured here, showing the bits inside! Overall this is our fattest sack yet, measuring over 8 inches in girth and a whopping 3-4″ deep, and weighing nearly a pound even (12 oz)! It even looks enormous when held by Rob himself (who allegedly has “big hands”).

fat sack hand

Don’t miss out on this incredible deal; these bags are EXTREMELY limited and are sure to sell out fast!

Get Your Fat Sack O’ Bits Here!

Have you ever grabbed a bag of these before? Will you be trying to grab one this year?

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