New Liber Daemonica Armor Upgrade Kits Perfect for Contemptors!

Contemptors upgrade kits 2Don’t miss the new alternative Contemptors upgrade kits from Liber Daemonica that are perfect for Horus Heresy and 40k!

Liber Daemonica also has all kinds of really cool Marine/Chaos Marine heads and bits on the site, along with tons of other cool stuff. All their heads, shoulder pads, backpacks, and weapon bits make for super easy conversions that will make your minis look amazing.

If you don’t feel like painting or converting anything, they also do some fantastic commission work covering everything from conversions to paint jobs.

New Liber Daemonica Armor Upgrade Kits Perfect for Contemptors!

This time around, we’ll be looking at some of the new upgrade kits made especially for some chapters/legions that you can guess. These are just some of what they offer in the way of armor kits, so be sure to check them out to see everything they offer.

Also, with their recent move to Estonia, they have cleared up all the potential shipping issues.

Contemptors upgrade kitsYou can make your Contemptor dread match the rest of your army in just a few minutes. With all the extra detail, it will also make for an enjoyable painting challenge without breaking the bank.

Here are the specs on this:

A unique Armor for your dred. The set contains 1 item shown in the picture. Suitable for new Dred models. (Contem)
However, they have more than just this, so let’s also check out some of the more recent releases!

Armor Model “Levi” Type Arcanum24,95 €

Dreadnought upgrade kitTo note, this just went off pre-order, so you can go ahead and get yours right now. Every little piece of this kit is so detailed and full of character. This is amazing, from all the insignias to the skulls to the ropes.

Don’t let your marines go into battle without all the fixings possible. It’s the only thing that keeps the nightmares away.

If you like what Liber Daemonica is up to, check out everything they have been releasing here!

Click Here to Get These Upgrade Kits, Perfect for a Contemptor!

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