Forge World Open Day- Hot 40k Tables & Models!

Checkout these hot Forge World Open tables as reported by Rictus over on Recalcitrant Daze.In case you haven't checkout his blog take a hot minute to give it a once over.He's a fellow BoLS writer who really puts out some top notch articles, and is everyone's go to guy for UK event converge!By Rictus at Recalcitrant DazeForge World Open Day

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DreamForge-Games Wants You!??

DreamForge-Games is a small company located in California, we produce plastic miniatures for the tabletop gaming industry.I started DreamForge-Games about twelve years ago with an eye to do something I enjoy and break my ties to the corporate grind. It has been a slow and sometimes tumultuous process but I have always approached this career

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Apocalypse Now! Checkout the Big Boi.

Be sure to checkout the biggest darn Apocalypse site on the web, Apocalypse 40k of course!Alec is a avid Apoclaypse player, and super heavy converter as well.His blog specializes in everything Super Heavy, and more!Checkout this amazingly big tank he just showcased the other day. I thought that was cool enough, but take a closer look...

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Must See Awesome Terrain- Saw Studios

Thursdays are video days here at Spikey Bits, and I have to admit I was woefully unprepared for this weeks posts. Why? Well, not only am I putting the finishing touches on my armies for Adepticon, I'm also getting all our wares together for retailing there as well!Come next week if you are at Adepticon

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Conversion Corner: Seeing is Believing, WMG

Lately I've discovered a ton of great hobby work going on out there, besides what's on just the "bigger blogs".Let's face it with the proliferation of the Internet it has become much easier to learn and promote your own hobby in just a few clicks.Also chances are that any conversion or idea you want to actually "see"

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