New 40k Tank Variant- Reaper Pattern Predator

So awhile ago I made the Stormraven Bellicose by adding Predator weapons to the Stormraven chassis. I also made a Datasheet for it, for use in non standard games of 40K. I also fiddled around and added some Stormraven Weapons to a Predator to make a new lead-spitter called the Reaper. I just found the model again in

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New Blood Angels – Playtest Battle Report Game 3 Meph Vs. Ghaz

MBG back again with my Blood Angels Playtest Game 3 Video. This time though it's different- I'm running the Blood Angels, and Travis is playing Orks. Can you say Ghaz vs. Mephiston??!!I also have switched up the list, turning it more into a drop/ aggro assault army then the mech version I was running for

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