Basing Basics- Making Custom Bases Pt. 1

I noticed a lack of information on the true basics of basing, so, let’s give it a go. I’ll break this down into several parts so that it's not overwhelming. Any questions? Feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to answer them while working through this series of articles.While this will lack a large

Get More From Your Cans: Aerosol Primer

Did you ever realize, that no matter where you are (for the majority of the US and similar climate ranges) one can quite easily use this hobby tool quite effectively?Rather than spending a few hundred dollars getting a good, reliable setup for an airbrush (airbrush, compressor, and any other miscellaneous needles and additions necessary) or

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Photographing Minis Part 2, Essential Equipment

Maggy M here with the follow-up to my first photographing miniatures article a few weeks ago.Now that we’ve discussed the primary piece of equipment that will be the key to great miniature photography, the camera, there are a few more items of importance as well. TripodThere are a lot of different types available but a mini, or flexible tripod

Learn How to Strip… Paint That Is! How To Guide

Got Paint? Well check out this article on erm, how to strip, by Red Stick Studios!  So, who hasn’t had one of these problems, or something similar?Test model that needs to be cleaned up, miniatures from ebay that have way too much paint on them, getting more skilled at painting and deciding to redo a

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Photographing Minis Part 1, The Right Camera

Hey guys today we have Maggy form Red Stick Studio here with a great article on photographing miniatures.  She posts over on her blog Red Stick Studio, and wanted to share her knowledge here on the artistic side of miniatures!Please welcome her to the blog, and enjoy the in depth post!So, you’ve decided to take