Thunderwolf Cavalry of Khorne- Bloodcrusher Conversion Part I

Hey guys hope everyone had a good weekend.  I myself was quite the busy beaver, and managed to put the finishing touches on my Thunderwolf Calvary of Khorne conversion. I can't wait to hit the table with it.  Here is how I went about making it.When I began the project I started from the bottom

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Thunderwolf Cavalry of Khorne- Bloodcrusher Conversion WIP

I had been thinking about making some "Chaotic" Thunderwolf  Calvary models for awhile now.  When I saw the preview models for the Bloodcrushers a few weeks ago, I knew I'd be adding some "space wolf lords" to my Chaos army.So I just got some of the new Bloodcrushers and started converting them up. Here is

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