Long War Merchandise

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Now’s you chance to helps support the crew’s TWITCH streams and YouTube Videos by picking up your very own Long War Bag of Holding and custom logo set of 36 Neon Green Dice.

Dice Promo Bag green Long WarBut don’t wait, we’re only offering these until March 31st 2017 and when they’re GONE, they’re gone for good again!  At the end of March we’ll end the offer to get our numbers to the manufacturer, and get production ready for delivery to you our wonderful friends by the end of April 2017.

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Kenny’s Twitch Stream – The Long War’s is Next!

Rob’s Twitch Stream – The Hobby Report

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Haspil’s Twitch Stream: Hobby Hacks & Repro Props

Long War Bag of Holding & 36 Neon Green Logo Dice

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New dice bag features red interior, similar to original Kickstarter bag from 2015.

Long War dice Green

Detail of Neon Green Logo Dice, 36 are included in the Bag of Holding

So help us get you the swag everyone’s been asking about since out Kickstarter ended two years ago while supporting our new TWITCH streams and video battle reports in the beats lab.

Lock in your Long War gear NOW:

Long War Bag of Holding & 36 Neon Green Logo Dice $100 (Plus USA SHIPPING $8, INTL $15)