Last Day To Enter: Win a 40k Battleforce Giveaway!

1280x720giveawaydual2Don’t miss the last day to enter for a chance to win one of the Warhammer 40k Battleforce Boxes in the latest free giveaway from Spikey Bits!

One lucky winner will get their choice of a fantastic Christmas 2023 Battleforce Box worth $240*, from the following: Space Marines Spearhead Force, Cadian Defence Force, Exalted of the Red Angel, Beast Snagga Stampede, Defenders of the Ancestors, or Onslaught Swarm.


Congratulations to Y. Rodriguez of Florida, the winner of our JOYTOY Dreadknight Giveaway sponsored by David Toys.

Monthly Giveaway: Win a Free 40k Battleforce Box Set!

The contest winner will be selected after June 16, 2024. The best part is that the shipping cost is included, making it easy for the winner to receive their Battleforce Box in the mail from us!

2023 Warhammer 40k Battleforces

The winner can choose one of the following Battleforces as pictured above:

  • Spearhead Force
  • Cadian Defence Force
  • Exalted of the Red Angel
  • Beast Snagga Stampede
  • Defenders of the Ancestors
  • Onslaught Swarm

*Retail price adjusts to $240 on June 10th, 2024.

We’ll select one winner after June 16, 2024. Shipping to the winner is included; some restrictions apply- see the contest page for more details.

Click Here To Enter To Win Your Choice of a Battleforce Box

Which 40k Battleforce Box will you choose if you win?

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group or our new Discord server. Make sure you enter the latest monthly giveaway for FREE today!


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