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This new Eternal Crusader is perfect for maximum crusading and is almost 2" tall to the top of his head (about the same size as the GW Mephiston model on base).

It's printed to a 25-micron standard in our new Void Resin that makes 3d prints feel and act more like plastic, plus the strength benefits are amazing.

Watch us disrespect a model printed with Void Resin below:

  • This model is approximately 50mm tall to the top of his helmet.
  • This model is a 9 piece multi-part kit including sidearm, heraldry, and easy to assemble two-part crossed sword arms,
  • Both of his arms are separate at the shoulders, as well as his head for maximum hobbying. Mounts to any size base, but we recommend 40mm (not included).

The Eternal crusader is a blessed warrior, capable of carving through heretics like wet paper. With unmatched zeal and fury, he will hunt traitors to the farthest corners of the galaxy and make them regret all their life choices.

  • We are an official licensee of 3DArtGuy. Miniatures Sales & Marketing Contracted Though Spikey Bits, and Fulfilled By Slicer LLC.
  • You can get the .STL files from 3DArtGuy here. or support him on Patreon for monthly releases

  • All products are printed to a 25-micron standard using high-quality cured resin. Just like any miniature kit it is unfinished, comes unpainted, and unassembled attached to its support structure from the production process.
  • Parts are pre-cleaned and ready for primer once removed. Basic hobby skills and tools are required to finish this model. Plastic bases are not included.
  • The image shown is the stock photo of the rendered miniature and painted models are for reference only, and not included. They have been at least been primer grey to show the detail of the print.
  • To remove the bits from their supports: submerge the whole assembly in water that is hot to the touch for 5 minutes. Use your fingernail to punch away several supports to create a starting point, and carefully peel your parts off of the remaining supports altogether. More delicate parts may require clippers or a hobby knife.
  • Do not attempt to remove supports from a model while at room temperature. Keep the model out of direct sunlight, or extremely cold temperatures. As always, use caution when working with resin material, and hobby tools.
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