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That's right! We are bringing back the legendary Bits Bags, and they are better than ever!

We're doing something fun this time around, and we're excited to unveil the loadout for this year's Fat Sacks!

Over past few years, our team has been hard at work cranking out 3D-printed minis for both the Patreon and the Spikey Bits store. If you've ever 3D printed a mini, you'd know misprints are guaranteed to happen. This unfortunate circumstance is helping to fuel this year's Bits Sacks!

bits hor wal box

This year's Sack selection will include not only the normal roster of bits from GW and Forge World but now they will also include salvageable fails and extra production from the last year of our 3D printing endeavors! Yep, that's right some of the prints are 100% useable and like new even!

Hobby Minis sprues bits

Each sack contains not only a 5" x 8" inch 4mil plastic bag filled with bits sifted and sorted from not only my own personal closet of power but also 3d printed miniatures and bits. Plus each one will have not only at least one whole printed miniature but also a blister pack of Kromlech upgrades as well!

An example of a 2022 Bits Sack is pictured here; one pic is of the front and the other is just the 5" x 8" bag of its that comes inside! Overall this is our fattest sack yet, measuring nearly 8inches in girth, and a whopping 3" deep, these weigh over half of a pound even (8 oz)!

So as you can tell, the value really seems to add up, and who doesn't LOVE BITS!!!! You really will be hard-pressed to find a better-valued mix of bits out there in one convenient package.

Don't miss out on this incredible deal, these bags are EXTREMELY limited, and are sure to sell out fast!

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