Prioress Battle-Armor 3 Model Multi-Part Kit

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This is the Sisters war suit we've been waiting for! Feast your eyes on the Prioress Battle-Armor Kit by Antonis Bouras!

On rare occasions, a Sister's faith is so strong, that when she is slain on the battlefield, she is kept alive by the power of her faith alone. When such an extraordinary act of Faith is witnessed, as a reward, the mangled remains of the Warrior Sister are permanently encased inside a Prioress Battle-Armor.

The multipart Prioress Battle-Armor Three Pack model kit is made to a 25-micron standard on a high-quality resin printer. They can be assembled in a wide range of poses and have many weapons and customization options.

The best part is you get THREE of these Prioress models for one low price!

Each model includes the following bits, and you will get two models worth with each Battle-Armor Kit you purchase:

  • Each model contains over 40 parts (base not included) including a left-handed weapon that can be configured as a flamer, multi-melta, or bolt weapon.
  • For close combat, it comes with three right-handed weapons including a flail, sword, and mace for purging the heretics.
  • Shoulder weapons include a set of missile, flamer, and bolt thrower bits.
  • Other optional bits include three head variants, two backcloth bits, as well as armored and cloth waist bits
  • You can also add an extra set of close combat and shooting weapons for dual-wielding (or equipping in the suit's opposite hands), as well as other extra bits by purchasing the optional Battle-Armor accessory set!
  • Fully assembled a Battle-Armor suit stands 7cm (2.75") tall- very similar to the Games Workshop Sisters of Battle Paragon Warsuit
  • Instructions are located in the product images above along with a primed and painted version of one Prioress model (with interchangeable combat and shoulder weapons). You may have to use magnets on the ranged weapon bits to make them swappable. Model painted by Kenny at Next Level Painting.

It's a very cool kit that can be used for a number of things and can also make a great alternative Paragon Warsuit.

Prints are officially licensed by Antonis Bouras, If you are after just the .STL files, click here to get them on Antonis Bouras' Art Station right now!

Miniatures Sales & Marketing Contracted Though Spikey Bits, and Fulfilled By Slicer LLC.

  • All products are printed to a 25-micron standard using high-quality cured resin. Just like any miniature kit it is unfinished, comes unpainted, and unassembled attached to its support structure from the production process.
  • Parts are pre-cleaned and ready for primer once removed. Basic hobby skills and tools are required to finish this model. Plastic bases are not included.
  • The image shown is the stock photo of the rendered miniature while painted or printed models are for reference only, and not included.
  • To remove the bits from their supports: submerge the whole assembly in water that is hot to the touch for 5 minutes. Use your fingernail to punch away several supports to create a starting point, and carefully peel your parts off of the remaining supports altogether. More delicate parts may require clippers or a hobby knife.
  • Do not attempt to remove supports from a model while at room temperature. Keep the model out of direct sunlight, or extremely cold temperatures. As always, use caution when working with resin material, and hobby tools.
  • This is not a Games Workshop product, Sisters model painted by Castle Brush Studio, for size comparison only.
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