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Run down the Enemies of the Imperium without mercy! These awesome 28mm jetbikes will go over any terrain to get the job done and make for super fun alternative bikers for games like Warhammer 40k among others.

Our prototype print is shown primed in grey for the last image and was used to dial in our printer settings.

  • 28mm scale Sci-fi jetbike models; see comparison pictures for a great idea of size.
  • Each squad of three jetbikes is a highly detailed 53-piece 3D Printed Resin Model Kit. It is a multipart kit designed for easy customization and includes a squad of 3 Jetbikes with Riders with three different poses (Driver, Slicer: Sword Drawn, Shooter: Pistol Drawn).
  • You can also purchase each rider style separately, multiple 3-model squads, and a squad of 10 models containing three Driver, Shooter, and Slicer pose styles, with one extra random rider style.
  • Download instructions for assembly here on the Dark Age Designs Store!

We are an official licensee of Dark Age Designs. Follow them to see all the amazing stuff they are coming out with on Facebook & Instagram

If you are after just the .STL files, they are available on Dark Age Designs store right now!

Miniatures Sales & Marketing Contracted Though Spikey Bits, and Fulfilled By Slicer LLC.

  • All products are printed to a 25-micron standard using high-quality cured resin. Just like any miniature kit, it is unfinished, comes unpainted and unassembled attached to its support structure from the production process.
  • Parts are pre-cleaned and ready for primer once removed. Basic hobby skills and tools are required to finish this model. Plastic bases are not included.
  • The image shown is the stock photo of the rendered miniature, while painted models are for reference only and not included.
  • To remove the bits from their supports: submerge the whole assembly in water that is hot to the touch for 5 minutes. Use your fingernail to punch away several supports to create a starting point, and carefully peel your parts off the remaining supports. More delicate parts may require clippers or a hobby knife.
  • Do not attempt to remove supports from a model while at room temperature. Keep the model out of direct sunlight or extremely cold temperatures. As always, use caution when working with resin material and hobby tools.
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