Grand Opening Coverage- FTW Games Richmond Virgina

By Rob Baer | July 22nd, 2010 | Categories: Game Store

As many of you know I spent the better part of May opening up a game store in Richmond, Virginia (with lots of help I might add).

Last weekend was FTW Games’ Grand Opening, and it was a blast. We had three special guests, Harry Heckel author of two Space Wolves novels, Bob Weiss aka “Brass Scorpion” on the internets, and Steve Campbell author of Turn Signals on a Land Raider (TSOALR) comic strip.

We also had a Miniature Market (Bizarre Bazaar/flea Market) and a 40k Rogue Trader RTT.  Below is some coverage from the weekend for you to enjoy!

Well that’s it, a ton of happy gamers having fun! Don’t worry Spikey Bits will be back next week with some more great hobby articles!-MBG

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