• Mas Legion Fearture

New SW Legion Terrain & Tokens from MAS

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Come and take a look at some new SW Legion terrain and tokens from Micro Art Studio that would be a great

  • Ushanka Head Feature

New Ushanka Heads From Puppets War

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Turn your heroes into a ferocious fighter in a fez with new Ushanka Heads, available now from the creative minds at Puppets War.

Critical Stele: Star Wars X-Wing

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Maarek Stele is ready to attack and hit the enemy right where it hurts. This TIE Advanced Ace has a knack for giving the right crit at the right time!

  • gw store rumor engine

Tyranid Warts? Latest Rumor Engine SPOTTED

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It’s that time of the week again and it looks like a Tyranid has some skin problems going on. What do you think it could be exactly? Let’s take a look.