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Let the Blood & Pox Flow: Armies On Parade

When the Chaos Daemons spill forth from the warp they bring with them all manner of death! Let the blood and the pox flow!

  • Magnetize All the Warlord Battle Titans for Adeptus Titancius

Magnetize All the Warlords for Adeptus Titancius

We unbox and build the new Warlord titan showing you all the gotchas you need to know, and how to magnetize the kits as well.

  • Graveyard Shift Feature

Get Graveyard Shift by Mike Haspil Now In Paperback

Come and secure your copy of Graveyard Shift by the legendary Mike Haspil. An epic tale of supernatural crime fighters can now be yours in paperback.

  • New Value: Adeptus Titanicus Grandmaster Edition Review

New Value: Adeptus Titanicus Grandmaster Edition

Check out some hot values for rock’em sock’em Titan action in the new 40k Adeptus Titancius Grandmaster Starter Box review!