Bearing Down On You At Full Speed: Armies On Parade

What’s scarier than one Imperial Knight Titan bearing down on you at full speed? Several Knight Titans bearing down on you!

  • canis rex

Canis Rex Top D Giveaway & LIVE Painting Tonight 9pm EST

Don’t miss your chance to win the new Canis Rex Perceptor Knight model from our video review, September 24th at 9 pm over on Twitch.

  • How To Magnetize All 7 Knights: Canis Rex New Bits

How To Magnetize All 7 Knights: Canis Rex New Bits

We unbox and build the new Canis Rex Preceptor Class, and show you how to magnetize it to make all 7 of the Imperial Knights!

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Monsterpocalypse Pre-Orders Now Available

Get ready for the ultimate monster showdown! Monsterpocalypse is available for pre-orders, so its time to secure your faction in this game of Kaiju combat.

  • Beasts of Chaos What To Buy Next? AoS Second Edition

What To Buy Next? Beasts of Chaos AoS Second Edition

Don’t miss the newest army for Age of Sigmar as we take a look at the Beasts of Chaos Battletome and all the new accessories!