Rumored Ork Codex Rules Confirmed as GW Previews Goffs

Buckle up and don’t touch that Waaagh! GW just confirmed new Codex Ork rules that fall in line with the rumored rules we’ve seen since August!

  • GW's 40k New Pricing Strategy: Kill Team Commander Sets

GW’s 40k New Pricing Strategy: Kill Team Commander Sets

40k Kill Team’s battlefield leaders are here! Come and take a look at the first wave of the Commanders Expansions for your favorite Kill Team factions.

Da Great Green Hype: Ep. 170

Ork rules for days. Will the buggies live up to the hype in terms of rules, points and hobby dollars? Out thoughts on this and of course trying to make 40k great again.

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New Ork Codex Rule Rumors & Bold Predictions

We’re back with some bold predictions on what’s right around the corner for Ork codex! Take a look at the latest rules rumors from around the web.

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New Orks, Demons, X-Wing & GW’s Stock Slide LATEST

It’s Ork time! Everyone’s favorite Greenskins are finally back for40k, plus new a new demon, X-wing updates, and GW’s stocks are sliding.