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Primaris Transport Finally Makes Old Marines Obsolete

With rumors of a new Primaris transport in the works, we’ve been thinking… could single-wound Marines actually get replaced?

A Giant Pet Wyvern: Maw Krusha Army of One

The Orks love to ride some crazy things onto the theater of battle but one of the craziest they do is to keep and feed a giant pet Wyvern!

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Turrets & Terrain: Tabletop Creations From Kromlech

Come and see what’s new from the creative minds at Kromlech as we take a look at some of their latest tabletop wargaming creations.

Don’t Be A Noob: Easiest Way To Base Your Minis

We’re back again to talk to you about quick and easy basing techniques to get your models looking tabletop ready in no time.

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Iron Warriors: Conversion Within & Without

This week’s showcases is a masterpiece of spliced bits. Behold a most prized Iron Warriors Warmachine in all his glory!