Hobby Basics: Photo Lightbox (on a budget)

By Rob Baer | August 16th, 2010 | Categories: Hobby Hacks, How To Tutorial, Photography

Another question I get a lot is how do I take my pictures? Well it’s actually pretty easy. In the past I used a light box, but found that a lot of times the models I would need pictures of ended up being too big for the box itself.  So I ended up reversing the script a bit, and made the light work for me.

So to give me more space, I decided to diffuse the light at the source.  That way I can put pretty much any size model under the light, and it will fit. Win!

To set up my new photo booth, I mounted some clamp lights on an adjustable overhead shelf.  This gave me the space I needed with plenty to spare.  The best part is that all I did was buy some tissue paper, and attach it to my lights with a rubber band.  As for the light bulbs themselves I use some 60 watt GE reveal bulbs.  Now I can not stress this enough, the assembly WILL GET HOT, so its probably not a good idea to leave the lights on for extended periods of time.  

It will take some toying around with your camera, but try taking pictures using different settings till you get the best exposure for your liking.  The lighting itself should be impeccable. 

I’ll try to post up some tips on editing your pictures in Photoshop shortly. -MBG

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