40k You Decide – Dingareth Vs. MBG’s Stormraven

There is a regular here at FTW Games named Blaine Toups, aka Dingareth on the internets. He’s a nice enough fellow, I mean I’ve driven with him to several tournaments lately (BoLScon, and DaBoyz), so I mean I got no beef with him or anything. Blaine however keeps digging at me about how his Stormraven is better than mine.

Now normally I’m okay with being made fun of and can hold my own against any antagonizer, but lately the crescendo of Blaine’s boasts has increased.  Granted he’s all busted up from surgery, gimping around like Dr. House and popping Vicodins, so he’s probably just mad in the head. Regardless I told him the other day, hey why don’t we let the internet decide?  I mean whats more impartial than that, right?

So if you wouldn’t mind helping us settle our little difference, please vote for either me or Blaine on the poll below. I’ve also posted up a pic of each of our conversions for your viewing pleasure.

 What say ye? -MBG

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40k Army List Scandals Episode 127

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