40k Road to Adepticon: Iron Hands Strike Force Ferrus Part 2

By Rob Baer | March 28th, 2011 | Categories: Adepticon 2011, Adeptus Mechanicus, Iron Hands, Space Marines

I’m back with more on my new Space Marine army that I’m taking to Adepticon! I have to tell you I’m really looking forward to not playing Mech Guard the whole time this year.

Anyways back to the army. I’m running a 6 Dreadnought Iron Handish Blood Angels backed up by some mans on foot.  More on the actual list later, I’m trying to keep my tech underwraps for now.

 Leading this phalanx of tin cans is a Furioso Librarian Dreadnought. I made this bad boy up out of a mix of Furioso and Venerable dreadnought kits. I think he turned out pretty good so far, but haven’t gotten to the final detailing quite yet. He is however shooting a pew pew laser, and that makes me giggle. 

And here’s a group photo of him and his buddies.

Well that’s it for this episode.  Iron Hands and pending Adepticon adventure soon.  And don’t forget if you are in the market for Bits or Pre-Ordering some of the new Grey Knight minis, head on over to the Spikey Bits Discount Store, and help support the blog!

That’s it for now, what do you think of my tin can mans? -MBG

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