40K/WFB RUMORS: Q1-2 2013 Schedule?

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Checkout the latest on the 2013 Games Workshop release schedule.  This popped up a few days ago on the webs, and as I had a small backlog of articles to get out in front of it i kinda sat in drafts. BUT its still pretty relevant as nothing new rumor wise has come along this week.

Standard “this are rumors and nothing more” warnings apply, but have at it -MBG

From BoLS
Here’s the latest out there on the grapevine regarding both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 in the months ahead.

via the little birdies:

via the little birdies:
Late-December-January: Dark Angels
February-March: Chaos Daemons (still LOTS of chatter of a synchronized release of 40k/WFB Daemons books like Games Workshop did last time)
March: 40K Miniatures Wave ALPHA (see below)
Another Hobbit release wave is in this quarter as well.

April: Warhammer Fantasy Armybook
May: Tau Empire
June: 40K Miniatures Wave BETA (see below)

40K Miniatures waves are said to be:
Ork wave: with buggy, wartrack, updated Battlewagon, coptas, flashgitz, and tankbustas
Flyer wave: with: Eldar, Tau, Tyranid, Dark Eldar kits
The order of those two waves is in contention, but both keep coming up in chatter.

WFB Army books for 2013 are said to be “pointy ears and 8-pointed star” variety.

~ Speculation explosion in 3,2,1… 

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