DFG’s Female Sergeant Model Complete!

Checkout the design come to life Ada figure!  This was another Dream-Forge Games’ Kickstarter, bonus figure that just got the plastic loving treatment.

You can use her as a sergeant in their Stormtrooper squads, or as a stand alone “assassin” perhaps or more!

More From Dream-Forge Games’ Kickstarter;
The container will be arriving next week at WGF China to be loaded it will leave China on the 27th and start its sea voyage on the 29th. It will spend 16 to 18 days in transit and should clear customs relatively fast, as it is a full container and will not need to be unpacked. We estimate at this point, that it will be in the WGF Utah warehouse the last week of January.

I will update the progress once it lands stateside.

Here are some shots of the Ada figure. We will get you more pics through this week including some group shots and shots next week of the container load.



Media - Image
Media - Image
Media - Image
Media - Image
Media - Image
Media - Image

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