DFG’s Plastic Leviathan Titan- Shipping Soon!

Here’s a quick Kickstarter update on everyone’s favorite plastic Titan project from Dream-Forge Games!

From Dream-Forge Games’ Site
I had hoped to get a firm shipping date today but we need to wait one more day. WGF China is in last minute talks with one more shipping company that is promising a shorter sea transit time then the company they usually use, but they need one more day to work out the details. If it all works out, we can save about four days in transit…. Fingers crossed I can get you some good news and firmer dates once they work out the details.

The last test shots are done and they came out great! One of the components we were waiting on was a very complicated slide core shot for the head of the Leviathan. I grabbed a couple of Skype shots so the picture quality is poor but the results were terrific! With these components completed they are boxing the final parts right now in preparation for shipping

I also have some poor quality shots of the Feral Shadokesh and handler (screen grabs from Skype)

This week they will be getting me better shots of everything to show you and with any luck I can show the container being loaded 😉

Thank you for your feedback on the skirts for the heavies! The consensus was to use the longer skirt and provide the loincloth as well…. Keep in mind the skirt, loincloth and Tassets are removable so you can have the figure without anything, with just Tassets, with Tassets and rear skirt or with Tassets rear skirt and loincloth…. I will get to work on the loincloth finals today but you can see the revised skirt length and improved fabric folds here. (Still a WIP)

All the best!

Mark Mondragon


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