Necron Destroyer Lord Conversion

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Hi Everybody!  My name is Scott and I’ve played 40K since 1989.  I can remember getting the original Rogue Trader rulebook and my mandatory box of 30 Marines.

At that point everything else had to be built.  I must admit that I did indeed build a deodorant grav tank and used lots of German tank models for conversions.  It’s been a long time since then, and converting and kitbashing are still my favorite part of the hobby.  I love the plastic models and the possibilities they offer.

When I built my Necron force I was sure it had to look different than the other forces out there, something more like a creature menace.  I started looking at the available bits and got to work.

I kitbashed this guy to be my Destroyer Lord.

He does cut a nice line though, I totally ripped off was inspired by the Tomb Stalker.

Next to a dude, for scale
My parts list for the project:
5x Triarch Praetorian Torso – Here
4x Command Barge Console – Here
5x Praetorian Groin Tabard – Here 
2x Lychguard Warscythe Ends – Here 
1x Triarch Praetorian Rod of Covenant – Here
I used the Triarch Praetorian torso backs for the body segments (sorry no individual pic),
Command Barge Command console bits for the legs,
Praetorian Loin Scales to cover the gaps between segments,
Warscythe tips for Scytheclaws
 and a Rod of Convenant tip for the head.
I started by trimming and gluing the torso segments end to end, allowing a natural curve to raised the body up.  Then I trimmed the “legs” down a little at the wide end, otherwise they were too long. These I glued up under the shoulder guards:
Once it was done, I used JB Weld to secure the whole thing together.  It needed the extra strength.
The head I trimmed off the Covenant bit and secured it to the front segment with a bit of techie looking cut off.  I trimmed the Warscythes down and put them in the shoulder holes.
JB Weld to the rescue!
From the top:
I used a bit of neck armor from another torso to cover the gap.
Finally I added an end off a gauss rifle to the back end.

It’s really all about seeing things differently.  I generally have an idea in my head what I want to build and scour the bits looking for something that would work.  Sometimes I get an idea for a project my just skimming.

If you’d like to check out my other projects, head on over to .
Until next time!

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